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Charms Talismans and Spells: Progeny, Chapter III, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Remedy of Sarp Dosha for birth of male child

If Rahu is posited in fifth house of natal chart then it creates hurdles in creation of progeny or male child. If at right interval it is remedied then the native is blessed with a male child. Following are some of the remedies as told in our classics for remedy of this dosha.

1. Consult your family priest/preceptor and request him to perform the rites for rectification of this dosha. After pooja, flow an idol of male and female snake made of five metals in sacred water.

2. Construct a Shiva Temple. If you are not in a position to construct the Shiva Temple then make some room for the idol of Shiva to ward off this curse.

3. Donate an idol of five faced snake (panch mukhi nag) during the hora of eclipse.

4. Get a snake released from a snake charmer on Nagpanchmi day (The fifth day of the bright half of the month of Sravana month on which Hindus worship snakes). Before releasing it the native should perform pooja of the snake.

Charms and Spells for progeny

1. Take tender leaves of palasa plant or Dhak tree with milk for seven days during and after menstruation. The lady should take light food, she must not have any fear or a sorrow in her mind, sleeping during the day time is prohibited. She will conceive and give birth to a son.

2. Take Sehdevi plant on Sunday in pushya nakshatra. Dry it in shade inside the house and grind it to make powder. The powder is given to a lady with single coloured cow’s milk. The lady will become pregnant to give birth to a son.

3. The plant of nagkesra should be powdered. If taken with ghee of cow for seven days along with food by a lady, she will be blessed with a son.

4. Powder of seeds of gokshura is taken with juice of Nirgundi. If taken for five or eight nights after menstruation the lady would conceive to give birth to a male child.

5. Make powder of one jaiphal and make six doses. After menstruation period one dose should be taken for six days in the morning with water. The lady will become conceive.

6. Burn the bark of peepal tree in milk and give to a lady for three days at the time of menstruation. She will conceive at the appropriate interval.

7. The Monday falling after the menstruation period of a woman the husband should keep fast on Monday. The lady should go to Lord Shiva’s temple. After performing pooja and offering water should clean one piece or seed of shivlingi with water. Bring it home and after wrapping it in old jiggery the lady should swallow the jiggery. Repeat for eleven days. Keep fast on Monday for ever. No sex for eleven days. One will be blessed with son.

8. Root of chirchita (snake gourd-it is in the shape of bush which contain thorns, when one passes, through the bushes thorns stick to the clothes. This is a medicinal plant) taken with rice water by the lady, however if she is barren, she will become pregnant.

9. Rendering services to Guru, parents, preceptor and cow also blesses with a male progeny.

10. If someone is facing problem in getting progeny then he should install an idol of Santan Ganpati at his main gate. The idol should be energized with the following mantra.”

(Santan Ganpatey Namah Garbhn Doshho namah Putra pautriya namah). The couple should recite thousand and eight names of Santan Ganpati. The idol must be inscribed with the mantra as given above. The couple shoule recite the same mantra for hundred and eight times daily for early efficacy.

11. Always do sex in night time. The child conceived during the day time is mentally and physically sick.

12. The time for intercourse as told in our classics is 2300 hrs. to 0400 hrs. The native should avoid amavasya, sasthi, ashtami, and riktaa tithes (Chaturthi, Navmi, and Chaturdashi). Besides following days should also be avoided i.e., Sunday, Tuesday and Saturday, the days parents expired, and period of eclipse.

13. Astrologically following combinations are told for creation of progeny:-


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