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Charms Talismans and Spells: Mixed Remedies, Chapter XVI, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

12. If any member of the family is facing some problem due to some spell done by some other person then on the day of holi rotate energized siyar singi and eleven gomti chakra for twenty times in anti-clock direction on the effected person and throw in southern direction or offer them in the Holika bonfire. This would save the native from all such things.

13. It is commonly observed that some people developed some fear in their mind whose reason they never know. For such persons it is required that one coconut, two pieces of cloves, some black sesame and yellow mustard should be rotated over the person for twenty one times and offer it to the bonfire of holika. The problem would be solved.

14. If you are facing some hurdles in your work then on the day of holi take twenty one energized gomti chakras and one hathajori. Place them on a red cloth. Offer them incense and lamp and recite the following mantra (Om Hrim Hrim krim krim krim krim Shrim Shrim Shrim sarvakariya siddhi Dehi mein phat swah) for eleven hundred times or after doing one round of hundred recitals keep the hathajori in a silver box and gomti chakras in a wooden box with red vermillion. By doing this remedy you have clean all the hurdles in your way.

15. On the next day of holika dahan the native should offer red farinaceous powder to his isht (worshipping god) and on the north-east direction of his house then the vastu dosha in the house would be washed away.

Remedy for the quarter towards which a journey is considered inauspicious on certain days (Disha Shool)

It is said that if a person goes for journey and starts the same during disha shool then the purpose of the journey is defeated and it is expected that some unpleasant incident may take place. Now here it is advised that though the native has knowledge of dishashool or not and wants to achieve the desired results from his journey then at the till of leaving his home he should consume following articles before leaving his home. He will not face any problem and nothing inauspicious will happen with him.



Pure Ghee



Milk of material prepared with milk






Articles made of sesame seed






Articles made of Barley



Articles made of

16. If the native is facing some tension and has no idea to handle the particular problem then the native should go the peepal tree and recite “Shri Ram jai Ram jai jai Ram” eleven times. Lord Ram would certainly show some path to the native. It is more effective on Thursday and Saturday.

17. If in a family the females do not get along with each other, and even act like enemies sometimes, then on any Sunday take a earthen pot and light fire on the cow dung cakes in it. Put some shit of pigeon on it and rotate and pot in whole house so that the smoke could reach every nook and corner of the house. You will find a change in the behaviour of the females.

18. After taking bath apply tilak of chandan on the forehead of everyone in the house and do not rub it till evening. It will give you strength to fight any type of disease.

19. Always keeps some Kaccha sthan (clay coated place) in the house which gives support to Venus which is significator of luxuries and comforts in the natal chart.

20. During auspicious hora if the native keep Seven turmeric pieces, sacred thread Betel seed, Jaggery and seven yellow flowers in a yellow cloth and after worshipping it with dhoop and deep put it in your money box or pooja place. After doing this spell person never faces any financial problem.

21. The place where the native keeps his valuables in his home if eleven dry dates are tied up in red cloth and kept along with the valuable would give luxury to the native.

22. Before using any new article sprinkles some water of Ganges mixed with Turmeric powder. The article would last long.

23. When the native is facing more losses or the expensive articles are not working in order at home then take eleven energized gomti chakra and keep them on the main entrance of the home and after that start baking food. When the lady finished baking food then take a cow dung cake and turn it to ashes. In the morning sweep the whole house with the same ash and throw the gomti chakras in southern direction. The problem would be sorted out but the native should take it into his notice that after the cow dung cake turned to ash the gas stove should not burn further.

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