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Charms Talismans and Spells: Mixed Remedies, Chapter XVI, Part - 1

Chapter No. 16

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Holi is considered as the last festival of Hindu Calendar. On the day of Holika dahan a lot of spells are performed to address the problems and are found to very effective. In this section we will discuss all those spells.

1. If the native is facing problem due to the transit of planets then on the day of Holika dahan the native should take two pieces of clove fully dipped in pure ghee, one piece of sugar cake and one betal leaf. Offer them in the fire of Holika. Next day bring some ash of the Holika, apply it on the body and after one hour take bath with warm water. This way one can reduce the ill effect of the transiting planet. This spell is also useful when the native thinks that some tantric practice is done on him.

2. It is found that some children easily fell prey to evil eye. For this they are advised to offer the articles as discussed at Sl. No. 1. Later in the morning bring the ash and fill it in a copper amulet. The child should wear it in black thread. He will not face any problem of evil eye any more.

3. If in your chart some planet is polluting the effect of other planets also then the native should offer the same articles and bring some ash of Holika to his home the other day morning. Now he should flow that ash during any sarwarth siddhi yog. He would get relief from the polluting planets.

4. If the native thinks that some person has taken some revenge on him through the tantric practice then include some sugar candy to it and make an amulet of the ash of Holika ash in silver and keep it on your person.

5. If the native wants to get his work done through someone then add three gomti chakra to the articles as told at No. 1. When the Holika was set at fire your offer the same to it by calling the name of the desired person. The next day bring some ash and put it on the entrance of the desired person. He would certainly carry out your work.

6. If the lady thinks that her husband has fallen in love with someone on maintaining illicit relations then the lady should take seven rounds of the holika and after completion of every round she should offer one gomti chakra to the fire while calling her name.

7. If yo have to take some money from someone but the person is not keen to repay the amount then on the holika dahan day write the name of the person with the stylus of pomegranate on the land where bonfire has to take place. Now pray to Holika mata to help you in getting the money. Before leaving the place sprinkle green powder (Gulal) on that place so that his name is cam fledge.

8. If someone is facing enquiry from govt side then before the bonfire starts, take seven rounds of the bonfire in anti-clock direction. After completion of every round the native should offer a piece of root of Aak (Medicinal plant swallowwort) to holika. He should note that all the pieces should be offered in the bonfire only. All his allegations would be expunged quickly.

9. If someone is facing financial problem then on the day of Holika dahan the native should light a lamp made of gram flour having a two sided wick. Sprinkle some colourful powder on your entrance where you have placed the lamp. After the lamp is lighted the native should pray for an early rescue from the problem. When the lamp gets off on its own offer the same to the bonfire of Holika.

10. Holika day is also used for the purpose of vashikaran. On the Holi day the native should fill a cup or glass made of silver with water. Add some sugar candy to it. Now take eleven rounds of the bonfire of Holika and after completion of every round pray to the holika for fulfilling the desire. Now the native should to his home and keep that glass/cup on some red cloth and offer prayers with incense stick and lamp. Now take the rosary of safatik and recite the mantra (Om Hrim Hrim Frim) for hundred and eight times and again touch the glass and pray to the god for fulfilling of the desire. After this the native should do half rosary (54 times) and every time after completion of the mantra blow air in the glass. This half rosary has to be done for eleven times. Now offer the water to the concerned person within twenty found hours.

11. If some is seriously ill in the family then the native should tie four gomti chakra on his fist and take eleven rounds of the Holika bonfire and offer the articles as mentioned at Sl. No. 1. Now tie all the four gomti chakra tied in silver wire to all the four legs respectively of the bed of the ill person.


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