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Charms Talismans and Spells: Checking effect of Evil Spirits, Chapter VI, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

3. Monday night: - Monday is governed by Moon; it can be attributed to fairy. If the native feels acute headache then one white hen and one 1 ¼ kg sesame seeds, one white chicken and mustard oil and 1 ¼ masha silver be donated.

4. Tuesday night: - Any one falling sick on Tuesday night indicated sickness due to fairy. One should take ajwain (a kind of aromatic seed) with water. Donate white or black piece of cloth, one hen, loaf of 0.25 kilogram of weigh and 1 ¼ masha silver.

In case boy falls ill one should donated boiled milk and rice together and piece of red cloth. If a pregnant woman falls ill on Tuesday and the indications are pain in belly, foul smell in Urine, she frightens in dream and whole body feels pricking. In such case kill a black small pigeon, the blood be applied on nails and fingers of woman, wash them with hot water and this water be thrown on the crossing where four roads meet.

5. Wednesday night: - The day lord is Mercury. The person falling sick on Wednesday indicated that one will feel pain in back, chest and headache. In such case donate 0.25 kilogram of Baranj, one chicken and cloth of patient and two loaves weighting one quarter kilo each.

6. Thursday night: - The day lord is Jupiter. One will remain in bed for ten days. It is due to fairy. One will feel pain in body, will not feel active and pain in the feet. In such case donate black coloured small goat, 1 ¼ barley flour, salt and Kunjad oil 1 ¼ chatanks (16 chatanks constitute one seer).

7. Friday night: - When one falls ill during night it is due to fairies. In such way one should donate kunjad oil, dal urad, dal Gram, Dal masoor or any other white or black bird, small quantity of silver or food grain weighting half or quarter kg. roasted in cow ghee with sugar, one piece of white cloth and one egg.

Technique for uprooting the evil effect

The very simple way to uproot the evil effect from the house is recite “Sundarkanda” daily on every Saturday and one of the members from the house should offer water to Sun god. In addition to this also sprinkle water of river Ganges or any other sacred river in the house. By doing so the evil spirits would leave that house and will never come to it again. Besides following are some other spells which could also be done in this regard.

1. If some one is suffering from the effect of evil spirits then dry leaves of Neem should be burnt near to him. It would help him in healing.

2. Take a lemon on Tuesday or Saturday and rotate it on the effected person for seven times in anti-clock direction. After that cut it into four pieces while putting it on the main door frame of house. Now throw them on the cross roads and do not turn around after throwing it.

3. To save from the evil effect the native can do this spell on any auspicious day. The native should take 200 gms. Sea salt, gulgul, lohban, alum, dhoop and pure ghee 100 gms. Each respectively. Now ground all these articles and made a mixture of them. Now make 40 small packets of this mixture. Arrange for a sacrifice ladle at home and perform an exercise of oblation with the cow dung cakes. Offer one packet in the fire of oblation along with seven red chilly (whole). Now pray to your household deity for early efficacy of your exercise. Perform this exercise for continuous forty days. Now a lot of ash will be collected at home. Keep some part of the ash at home and flow the remaining one in the river. Apply a tilak of that ash to the affected person. The native will notice a miracle through this spell. It is a tested one.

4. Take a lemon and spin it over the effected person for seven times from head to feet in clock wise direction. At every spin read the mantra “(Om ham hanumantayee rudraatmakayee hum phat)” and after completing the whole exercise do mental worship of lord Hanumanji that the work has been done in his name, hence, it was his duty to give relief to the affected person. Now take the lemon to an isolated crossing and cut the lemon in four pieces and throw each piece in four directions and after that return to your home. While doing this spell one should note this thing in mind that the knife should be left at the same place and he should not turn around after performing the spell. Before entering the house he should perform ablution.


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