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Charms Talismans and Spells: Checking effect of Evil Spirits, Chapter VI, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

10. It is believed that spirits reside on the Maulasari tree therefore one should have to be cautious and observe all types of inviolability near this tree as discussed above.

11. A nubile girl or a newly wedded lady should not leave home alone or visit an isolated place after applying hena (Myrtle) because spirits are attracted by the stench of hena. Not even hena they are fascinated by any type of good odour of perfume or any thing else. Same preventative measures should be observed with the children also.

12. One should be precautious while taking fruits like banana, apple, cardamom and above because they are very much used in spells. In this society it is very hard to neglect the social obligations; hence, the native is advised to read the Hanuman Chalisa daily to keep away from such things from influencing him.

13. If due to some or other reason the native have to visit such places then he is advised to keep Jaiphal (Nutmeg) in his pocket and mitigate such influences.

Techniques for donations

When a person is suffering from evil effect of spirits, some donations (usara) are to be made to mesmerize the native from their effect but very less people know the art of spellbinding for uprooting the evil effect. In the family if some effect of evil eye or soul is felt then there are some ways and means devised to ward off them. Here we are giving some ways and means which could be used as spellstopt in case of petty problems. To gain best out of it the native is directed to follow them in letter and spirit.

1. Sunday: - On Sunday no spell is performed to mesmerize the native, but if it is necessary then the native should use milk cake (burfi). He should then offer the milk cake to a cow.

2. Monday: - Same as told for Sunday.

3. Tuesday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) to be used and later they should be offered to a dog.

4. Wednesday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor(a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) or imirti (a kind of sweet meat) to be used and later they should be offered to a dog.

5. Thursday: - On Thursday take five types of sweetmeat and put them in a dona (leaves which are folded up in the form of cup for holding thing) and rotate on the effect person in anti clock direction for seven times. Later lit a dhoop (incense) in the cup and put a cardamom in it. Now keep it in the western direction of the Bo tree. Here the native is advised that after keeping the cup he should not see backwards and should enter his house after taking a wash outside the home.

6. Friday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) to be used and later they should be offered to a dog.

7. Saturday: - On this day laddoo of motichoor (a sweetmeat in the form of a ball) or imriti (a kind of sweet meat) to be used and later they should be offered to a black dog for early efficacy. If black dog is not available then any other dog can also serve the purpose.

Illness due to evil spirits

It has been observed that a few persons fall ill on a specific day generally and remain in bed for specified days. Here we are providing some effective readings for all the days and night along with their remedies for the candid use of the readers.

1. Saturday night: - If one fall ill on Saturday night it is due to Blue fairly. The remedy in this case is take any black coloured bird or animal and four yards piece of new cloth, the four corners of which be dyed black and in one corner put a few coal pieces, in another a piece of iron, in another Turmeric and in fourth corner bind a leaf. All these are donated to someone. After doing it the native should put an eye talisman in his/her neck as given below.

2. Sunday night: - In case a man falls ill on Sunday night, it can be attributed to black fairy or any soul etc. One will have fear in dream, will get lethargic and will feel that some one is standing before him. In such case he will avoid to talk to any body. In such case yellow coloured cloth 1 ¼ yard, turmeric and yellow coloured cooked rice be donated.


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