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Charms Talismans and Spells: Checking effect of Evil Spirits, Chapter VI, Part - 1

Chapter No. 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

It has been shown that both ancient and modern scientists are at one in a belief in a general principle of nature to which they have given various names; and though this has cleared our ground in some measure, there is yet another fact in nature to examine before our theory as to the efficacy of charms can be made clear. And here we find a difference between the science of the ancients and of the moderns. Modern scientists have not yet discovered those living intelligence which function through and guide all natural forces; so far they have not accepted from that middle man, the present day occultist, this truth handed to him by the past grand masters of magic.

We are told that humanity only plays a small part in nature, that there are other evolutions beside our and that each kingdom of nature has its inhabitants, and though these may be visible to us, nevertheless they exist and play a great part in the evolution of the universe. They are called natural elements or nature spirits. They are distinct creations and it is seldom they make themselves visible to man and remain engaged in carrying out of the activities connected with their elements. To further classify it further we can say that they may be good to the human being or may be bad as per the effect on the human being. Those who help the humanity and mankind are called as good spirits and those which are not friendly are called evil spirits.

Ages ago these elements were classified and their names were used to express these forces; so powerful were they considered that it was thought to be dangerous to utter these names in certain places at certain times and seasons, for at particular configurations of the planets they were said to have great power. It is a belief that no part of the earth is inhabited and considered as void and useless.

Now we should define how the evil spirits works. Normally it is observed in the society that some people fall prey to the unexpected problems or since their childhood the family continue to face problems. Ups and down become a continuous phenomenon in their family and on one fine day they start behaving abnormally. It is nothing but affect of evil powers present in the universe. Before we move further we would like to give some precautions to the readers so that by just following them they can neutralize the effect of the evil spirits.

1. It is believed that such powers attack the females. So the females should not take bath in flowing water or in some lake by removing their clothes. Even if the place of source of water is present at an isolated place even then they should refrain from removing their clothes because devas reside in the water and while taking water no one knows that how many invisible eyes are watching her and it is believed that at isolated places evil spirits reside and they attract on beautiful things.

2. This condition also applies on men also and while taking bath they should tie at least a thread around their waist.

3. Do not drop any inauspicious article in the well as it is said that ghosts lives in the well and they maintain sanctity at their place of living.

4. Do not urinate while facing Sun.

5. In the same manner do not urinate on fire.

6. Do not urinate in any graveyard or even do not eat anything there.

7. It is known that ghost and spirits live on the Peepal (B o tree-Ficus religiosa) tree besides 33 crores devas also reside on it. Peepal is considered as Brahmin and in kaliyuga it is given the title of Kalpvriksh (fig tree). In addition to it the world of the manes or the deceased ancestors has their presence there; therefore one should render his services to the tree because services change the curse into blessings. These spiritual powers would certainly come to the rescue of the native. A Peepal tree which is old is considered dominant in all respects.

8. Gular tree (Cluster fig-Ficus racemose) also is also having some paranormal powers. The native is directed that neither he should urinate near this tree nor he should eat while sitting beneath this tree.

9. It is said that the great saint Tulsidas delighted a ghost residing in a Babool (Acacia) tree by watering it. In turn the ghost helped him in meeting the monkey god, lord Hanuman; hence, one should also refrain from doing any ominous work under it.


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