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The astral energy of MAY , 31 , 12 SAYS - your mind and intellect would be grounded to take decisions - that are tough an those you have been avoiding .
Food For the Mind - We at ALL times in various relationships & transactions want to BEHAVE in a way that the OTHER person likes. This actually reduces self esteem . Be what you are and acceptance will come. If it does not happen you learn but you will be more CONFIDENT & CLEAR . God is not a JUDGE - he does not want us to be in FEAR or do things that are prescribed - HE IS THE OCEAN OF LOVE - OUR FATHER - HIS EMBRACE RELEASES us of every unwanted thing BUT he must not be an OBJECT OF BEING AFRAID .All from BEINGS TO SPIRITUAL GURU exploit this is HUMAN BEINGS & make then into HUMAN DOINGS and a method to RULE . LOVE YOURSELF - BE YOURSELF - DO NOT TRY TO BE WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE AND YOU WILL BE MORE ACCEPTED - GOD KNOWS ONLY LOVE AND NOT A PERSON WHO JUDGES & PUNISHES FOR SURE . Take care and may be absent for sometime , love and affection.
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