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Today's Astral Energy

Shanker Adawal

Today's astral energy says - What a coincidence that ‘Courage to Hope’ multiplies on the same date as’ Old Maid’s Day ? ’ If, there is nothing impudent about eager to find the perfect partner who brings happiness to you. In fact, Today’s astral energy says go ahead and hope away, especially if you take an empowering step towards winning the companion of your dreams.

Way of life or beliefs says that Single Women looking for a partner should affix two pink peonies (or an image of peonies) directly outside and to the left of your bedroom door. Stick down the deal by saying the secret ‘ SIX TRUE MANTRAS ’ of ' OM MANI PADME HUM ’ nine times in sequence. Do you believe?

I DO!!!!


Shanker Adawal

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