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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 94


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Auspicous Years

His 67th year is not auspicious.

(In 6th round Jupiter contact Capricorn where Jupiter is debilitated and in this round Jupiter contact Sun. Mercury placed between Venus, Saturn and Mars is not auspicious. Even transit of Jupiter on this combination has not produced any good result. Even combination of Saturn and Venus did not give any good result. Mars does not allow the good result and so this must be considered).


Lives up to 67th year.

(This is 6th round when Jupiter contact debilitated sign Capricorn and in this round transit over combination of Sun. Mercury can bring the end).

Chart No. 73

Educational career troubles

Troubles in educational career.

Has Moon Saturn combination in the next to that of Mercury.

High Place

Native will occupy a high place

Exchange of places between Moon and Jupiter (exaltation).

Educational activity

Educational activity will extend up to 27-28.

(In my opinion till Jupiter transit Virgo the education will be there i.e. 26 – 27 but not beyond it i.e. 27-28).

Nature of Employment

Employment in trouble mongering institute or in a treasury.

Presence of Rahu in Mars house adjoining the position of Saturn. (Aries is aspected by Mars with Venus in the next house with Saturn in previous house indicates treasury etc. But presence of Rahu in Aries a Tamoguna dark planet indicates a trouble mongering institute too).

Rise in Status

He will rise up at 38 – 40 age.

Jupiter aspecting combination of Saturn, Venus and Moon.

(Jupiter transiting in Virgo and Saturn, Sun and Moon aspecting. Similarly aspect of Venus from Taurus where there is Jupiter).

Father will have little happiness in married life

As there are no planets on either side of Ketu and Mars.

In fact Sun conjunction with Saturn indicates a troubled married life. The 8th from it is malefic without any planet on either side to off set the malefic influence.

However low he start, he will rise up at 38 – 40 years of age

Transit Scorpio and time is 38-40 year of age.

When Saturn transit Jupiter in his second round the native will rise to a great position.


He will marry at 28 – 30 age.

(When Saturn transit the natal position of Saturn in Pisces (28 – 30) or when Jupiter transit Scorpio (28 – 29) and Venus aspect in the 3rd round when Jupiter comes in Virgo aspected by planet in exaltation sign Venus).

Visit holy places

He will visit holy places, do charities and win fame and live.

(Moon located in Godly sign Pisces).


Up to 80 years.

(In 7th round Jupiter contact Capricorn his sign of debilitation. Lord of sign Saturn with bitterest enemies Sun and Moon and Rahu next to it. In 7th round Jupiter transit over natal Saturn Which is badly affected).


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