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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 95


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father’s profession

Father to be dealer in sweet meat and later take to another profession.

Sun conjunct Moon (sweet meat) and Saturn (service) shows that father is dealer in sweet meat and later takes another profession due to involvement of Moon or location of Venus later on).

Chart No. 74

Intellect good

Endows good intellect to the native

In this native Mercury is exalted and is in conjunction with his friend Venus.

Educational career smooth

Educational career runs smooth

As Jupiter is also placed in the same place i.e. where Mercury and Venus have conjoined.

Personality charming

He will be of charming personality

(As Jupiter conjoined with Venus).

Father is affluent

He had an affluent father

(Sun having Venus, Jupiter and Mercury behind itself).

Popular and financial well being

He will be very popular and financially well off

(Jupiter conjoined with Venus gives financial well being and popular because of Sun in the next house).

Live happily

He will live happily – good period

(Venus associated with Jupiter and exalted Mercury).

Chart No. 75

Father – renowned

Father is a renowned person

Sun has Jupiter 7th from him.

Father’s earning

Father earns riches by sale of vehicles (car etc).

2nd house from Sun is occupied by Mars Saturn and Rahu (Cars etc).

Father’s 2 wives

Father will have 2 wives but they live harmoniously

Moon has Mercury and Venus in the adjoining house. They live harmoniously as 5th and 6th from Sun receive aspect from Venus and Moon.

Break in education

Native will have a break in education at 22

As Sun in 2nd and Rahu, Saturn and Mars in 3rd house from Mercury. (Thus it will be when Jupiter transit in the sign Gemini belonging to Mercury at 22 years. As a matter of fact Saturn is depositors of Mars and so affects Mercury).

Native dealer in vehicles

Native will be dealer in vehicles

(Saturn the karka of profession is conjoined with Mars and Rahu).

Egoistic in nature

As the native is very proud and egoistic he will live away from his relations and friends.

(Sun becomes depositor of Jupiter with Mars. Saturn or Rahu in 2nd or Sun having Mars. Saturn and Rahu in 2nd aspected by Jupiter. The 2nd is for family and relations and friends as denoted by Sun).

Troublesome period

Transit of Jupiter over Aries with its lord in 12th with enemy Saturn should be bad and this period will fall at 32-33 and again at 44-45. Even transit in Pisces whose lord Jupiter in 8th i.e. at 43 is troublesome.


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