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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 84


Dr. Shanker Adawal


She will have 2 sons and a daughter

(Sun associated with Mars and Mercury with Moon in 3rd)

Chart No. 63

Native characteristic

Native is good looking, of excellent character and highly intellectual

(Jupiter conjoined with Saturn and Ketu with Moon in next house).

Position high

He occupies a high position

(Moon a royal planet in next house to Saturn and aspecting Leo, the royal sign Moon indicates also the new environment).

Place of position

It will be a religious institute

As Saturn is conjunct with Jupiter and Ketu both interested in religion, and thus a religious institute.

Friends dealing in chemicals

Native will have friends dealing in chemicals and earn money through their help

As there is Moon in the 2nd house to Saturn

Education not completed

His education is not completed

As there is Mars next to Mercury

Highly learned

All the same he is highly learned

(Venus conjoined with Mercury).

Love with another woman

He will fall in love with another woman

(Jupiter having Moon in next house or Jupiter conjoined with Saturn depositor of Moon, another woman).

Service entry

He enters in service in 26th or 27th years

(Jupiter transit Moon, planet placed next to Saturn at 25-26 or 26-27 years).

Marriage time

Gets married at 28

(Jupiter transiting Aries with aspect of Venus which is 27-28 years

Brothers versed in many matter

He has brothers versed in many matters

(Jupiter having planet Mars and Mercury before it in good position).

Father – financial help from brother’s educational institution

Father getting financial help from brother’s educational institution.

From the Sun in 3rd house Jupiter and Saturn conjoined indicates father getting financial help from his brother’s educational institution (Moon in 4th from Sun).

Moon is 2nd from Jupiter and Saturn conjoined. Jupiter and Saturn in 3rd from Sun indicate brothers and Moon in 2nd indicate help from brothers’ educational institution.,


Native lives up to 60 or 62 years happily

(5th round in Taurus whose lord Venus is in 6th. Jupiter there is aspected by Sun and Mars. In 5th round transit of Aquarius (60 or 62) whose lord, Saturn in 12th aspected by Rahu and conjoined Ketu).

Chart No. 64


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