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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 81


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Father getting low salary

This is due to presence of Mars Rahu and Chandra in the succeeding houses to that occupied by Sun.

Mother angry and stubborn type

Mother will be angry type and stubborn in nature

On account of closeness of Moon and Rahu and opposed by Venus. (Closeness to Rahu gives stubborn type and aspect by Venus (enemy) gives angry nature.) During practical reading of horoscope for accuracy in conjunction take the degrees into account. This tells the planets ahead as they stand in conjunction.

Younger brother

Native will have a younger brother

(Jupiter having planet in succeeding houses).


He may not live long. (less than medium life).

(Jupiter in debilitation with aspect of debilitation Mars.)

Chart No. 59

Native born with divine blessing

Native is born with divine blessing

Jupiter conjunct with Saturn and Ketu is the next house.

Father’s profession

Native’s father will be employed in a department governed by Jupiter (philosophy, judicial etc).

Sun conjunct Mercury in the intellectual sign Gemini and the next sign aspected by Jupiter and Saturn.

Father benefited by landed property

Father will be benefited by landed property

With Mars and Rahu in 3rd from Sun and Moon in the 4th the father will be benefited by the landed property


Native will have one elder sister. As there ares no planets in either side of Jupiter excepting Moon.

Profession of native is land development

The native will be employed in the land development department occupying a high post

Saturn profession lord is in conjunction with Jupiter Ketu in the next house aspected by Mars.


He will own conveyance. (Ketu aspected by Mars located in the 2nd of Saturn along with Jupiter. Mars karka of conveyance as well).

Marriage and employment

He will get employment in 28th year and be married with one from his own relations.

(Jupiter transiting Venus in the sign of Mars (one of the functionaries in employment) and also get married with one from his own relations, Jupiter transit on Venus).

Financial gains name and fame

Between 30-31 he will have many financial gains. He will have fame and name and be in touch with government officials who help him.

(Jupiter will be transiting in Leo royal sign owned by Sun (government) over Mars (official aspected by Ketu). This will be 31st year. At 30th year while transiting Cancer its sign of exaltation with aspect of Saturn and Jupiter and specially Saturn ensuring fame and name and financial gains. Thus during 30-31 he will have many financial gains. He will have fame and name and be in touch with government officials who help him when transiting in Leo Sun will be in 11th.

Foreign travels

Between 30-32 he may undertake foreign travels

(Between 30-32 Jupiter will be transiting in sign Cancer owned by Moon and actually transit over Moon into Virgo at 32, thus the results).


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