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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 80


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Married life troubles

After 28 he will have troubles in married

(After 28th Jupiter transit Aries and Mars in Gemini aspected by Saturn enemy of Mars and depositor of Venus).

Landed property

Landed property is acquired at the age of 30 onwards. Some native deal in chemicals

(Jupiter transiting over Mars at 30 years).

The native deals in chemical as Moon in 2nd Saturn means watery and Mars in 7th to Saturn chemicals.

Lucky year

The 47th year is lucky

(Saturn transit over Cancer and aspect of Moon)

Chart No. 58

Poor education

The native will have poor education

As there is no planet in the house adjoining the one occupied by Mercury.

Yoga Bhagna (destruction)

Indicate yoga Bhagna (destruction)

Venus being opposed by Moon.

Studies break

So there will be break in studies

Mercury (Budha) in its forward movement comes across Mars and Rahu and so there will be break in education.

Mental aberration and spirit possessed

The native will have mental aberration and he will be possessed by spirits which happen to be in the 17th, 19th and 20th years

As Moon is opposed by Venus and Rahu, Mars occupy the preceding houses, the native will have mental aberration and possessed by spirits. (This happens at times when Jupiter transit planet causing it i.e. Gemini sign (intellectual sign preceding Mars), Rahu (19th year) and Moon (20th year).


Partners will be small wage earners (in case of females) with little education but having Vedic knowledge.

(Mars in debilitation with Rahu in the next house indicate a small wage earner and aspect of Jupiter and Saturn indicate having faith in Vedic lord. As Mars is connected with Mercury so less education).

Stomach disorder

Native will have stomach disorder and longevity is reduced

(With the reference to Venus or lagna the Sun is next and so it denotes illness. However it looks more convincing that 5th from Venus is Mars which is debilitated and 5th means stomach, so stomach disorder. Venus having exalted Sun in next house so longevity reduces).

Abortion and longevity reduced

During 20 and 21

Venus having a strong Sun in front with Rahu in Leo sign belonging to Sun i.e. Sun is depositor of Rahu. Besides Rahu is in 6th from Venus.

Father’s profession

Father will be in a government service (Finance Department)

Sun has Venus behind him accepted by Moon and there are no planets in 2nd to 7th house from the Sun’s position.

(As there is Venus behind Sun in exaltation so it gives government service (aspect of Moon). Presence of planet in 2nd and 7 would have shown the own effect and as such no planet in 2 & 7 may influence Venus and thus finance indicated by Taurus primarily with Libra sign reinforcing it.


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