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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 62


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Why in 7th round. In 7th round Jupiter will be touching sign Leo whose lord Sun is in inimical sign with Rahu and surrounded by bitterest enemy Venus and Mercury. Sun of course is aspected by Mars (a malefic). As Venus joins Sun lord of 5th and Rahu is there Sun becomes very weak. The Atma leaves the worldly structure. Jupiter when in 7th round comes to Mercury or Cancer sign the native dies i.e. at 77 years. Now this round is very bad and death should happen. I think Venus is being gobbled by Rahu and Mars another enemy, so Venus is trapped between 2 devils Mars and Rahu.

So transit of Jupiter in 7th round on Venus i.e. Taurus may kill wife i.e. 75 years of age. Wife may die at 75 years of age.

The incident of the previous birth could be read from the horoscope. Jupiter retrogression to Capricorn which is exaltation point for Mars shows the native was born as a kahastriya in previous birth being in Aquarius Jupiter aspect to Capricorn signifies the calf. Mars in Pisces indicates horns and Ketu in Sagittarius shows tail. Mercury aspect to Capricon indicates the green fields. Jupiter placement between Mars and Saturn indicates the dilemma for this man when he acted rashly and killed the calf.

Chart No. 39


Learned man

Jupiter conjunction Mercury

Brothers and sisters

He will have brothers and sisters

(Jupiter is having planets in rear and ahead.)

Partner devoted and capable woman

Partner to be devotional and very capable woman

Placement of Jupiter and Sun next to Venus


Native could have faced difficulties in life at start

Saturn’s conjunction with Ketu


A very high post in a concern dealing in wines and drinks

As Mars in Capricorn has exchanged places with Saturn the position of Venus in 2nd house.

(Exchange of exalted Mars with Saturn karka of service indicates a very high post. Now Saturn’s subtle placement in Capricorn with Venus in 2nd indicates source of income wines and drinks.)


He will be married in between 20 to 24

(It appears that Venus opposing Saturn in Leo or transit of Jupiter on Saturn depositor of Venus i.e. 20 years and till transit of Venus in the exaltation sign of Venus i.e. Pisces).


Gets a good job in 30

(Saturn transiting over natal Saturn as Saturn because of exchange with exalted Mars give a high post) or (Jupiter transit in Leo and aspect of Jupiter and Sun).


Hence promotion in 31-32

(Jupiter transiting sign of Venus Libra as Venus is responsible for job or exaltation sign of Saturn.)

Afraid of servants

Native is afraid of servants

Native is afraid of servants as Jupiter transit Rahu. Being placed in its own house Jupiter also produces necessary removal of fear.


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