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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 63


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Own a house

He will own house between 45 and 48

(As Jupiter transits from Scorpio sign owned by Mars and transit over Mars and contact with Jupiter.)

Marriages etc. performance

Perform marriage etc. at 54

(Jupiter is transiting in Leo in 5th round and aspected by Venus.)

Visit to holy places

Visit to holy places and even his brother place

Jupiter in Pisces

Wind troubles and nervous weakness

Indicates wind troubles and nervous weakness

The placement of Rahu next to Jupiter.

Chart No. 40

Chart No. 40


A great intellect

The placement of Mercury Venus in Libra indicates a great intellect.

Name and fame in Cancer

He will earn name and fame in his career and rise high

Retrograde Saturn aspecting Mercury denote this


This denotes a job in government in a position of importance. The job will be in an educational institution

Saturn transits Jupiter at first in Aries (Jupiter in Aries has been considered as very good). Job will be an educational institution as Jupiter receives the aspect of Mercury. Of the continue in the mention of the

No eminence

Till about 26-27 there is no eminence as Saturn in conjunction with Ketu.


The native will get promoted and have reverses.

Saturn transiting Virgo where Sun is placed.

In this mostly the transit of Saturn is there.

Sun in Virgo when transited by Saturn may give promotion along with reverses.

Then Saturn transits Jupiter in 2nd round and there may be defamation.

When Saturn is transiting Virgo and Libra he will be reinstated and rise high. This period is about 54.

Law knowledge

Conjunction of Mercury Venus and Saturn, Ketu indicates knowledge of law.

(Mercury is for knowledge and Venus represents law. Next Saturn and Ketu indicate combination also influence. Saturn is retrograde. The combination becomes Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Ketu. Saturn is exalted and Ketu results in divine knowledge. Thus all are in consonance indicating knowledge of law.

Good times

Times are good up to 61-62

(The Saturn transits Saturn and no planets after it and so good up to 61-62).


Again 62-63 will be trouble for some period

(Transit of Jupiter on Mars in Gemini in the 6th round.)

Good times

After 65 upto 75 the period will be good

(Jupiter transit in Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and no planet after that till Pisces, and so up to 72 years. Again Taurus is good so 73-74 years are good.)


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