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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 59


Dr. Shanker Adawal


The native will retire in between 56 – 57

(Jupiter is transiting in Virgo with aspect from Moon and debilitated Mercury and both inimical to each other. It is 5th round of Jupiter and contact with Taurus where aspected by Saturn from Mars sign. Saturn is a karka of service and located in inimical sign).


He will suffer from piles and wind troubles

(Venus conjoined with Ketu)


By his 60th year all his children will be settled in life.

Visit to holy places

In between his 59 – 60 year he will visit holy places and go around on pilgrimage

Not good for wife

His 63rd year is not good for wife


He will come into possession of a house through a son at the age of 64 – 65

Jupiter transiting is in Gemini and having an aspect of Mars karka of house and representing the son (Sun, Jupiter and Mars).

Last Days

He will spend his last days in God thought and live up to a good old age of 78 years

(It means 7th round in Cancer sign in the house owned by Moon. Here Rahu is located. In this round the lord Moon is placed with enemy Mercury. In this round when Jupiter transits at Cancer he will end his life).

A combination to remember

Sanyasa – Moon in 2nd and Ketu in 3rd from Saturn is indicator of sanyasa

Chart No. 38

Native – Government job

Native will have a government job – high one

Saturn in Libra, next Ketu in Sagittarius aspected by Sun in Gemini, and Jupiter in Aquarius.

(Saturn karka of service exalted in Libra meets Ketu aspected by Sun (government) and meets Jupiter in Aquarius).

Financial Gains

Financial gains through land

Next Mars in Pisces, this show financial gain through lands (Mars) karka of land in 2nd to Jupiter.

Marriage among his own relatives

He will be married among his own relatives

Since Venus is in his own house.

Mother had trouble when native is young

Native’s mother had trouble when he was young

Jupiter retrograde aspecting Capricorn shows this result. (Retrograde Jupiter aspecting Capricorn will give the result of debilitation and aspecting Cancer the 4th sign of zodiac).

Native difficulty

He himself had to overcome a great difficulty, with the help of relatives

Jupiter retrograde aspecting Capricorn (Jupiter representing soul becomes debilitated by going to Capricorn indicates troubles in young age).

(This Jupiter aspecting Capricorn indicates lot of difficulty, but he will overcome them with the help of a relative as Mercury will be in the 7th to it).


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