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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 58


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Power of argument

Endows the native with great power of argument. The native knows the religious texts and becomes very learned.

Venus and Ketu with Jupiter endow the native with great power of argument.


Father of the native passes away between the age of 12 to 18 years.

Sun is in inimical sign of Saturn and surrounded by Mercury and Venus both enemies. Sun is very weak and as Jupiter contacts Sun in 2nd round from 13 it is not good and there are no planets after wards.

Educational Careers (Transit of Mercury)

Educational careers not smooth but ridden with obstacles.

Mercury transits Saturn and Mars in the course of his transit.

Wander aimlessly

Between 18 to 29 years of age, the native will another about aimlessly.

(Jupiter meets Rahu at 18 and after that no planet till Saturn and Mars).


He will be in a low position from 18 – 24

Saturn the karka of karma is having Mars next to it. Mars is enemy of Saturn. As Jupiter contacts Rahu and no planets upto to Saturn and Mars.


He will settle down in between 24 to 26

Jupiter in 2nd round could not do much having Sun but afflicted. In 3rd round contact Moon and debilitated Mercury and so a better round. In this round transit in Pisces from 24 to 26 will give settlement when Jupiter transits its natal position.


He will get married in between 26 to 28

When the Jupiter transits on Ketu (When Jupiter will transits Pisces the sign of exaltation of Venus and contacts Moon).


Partner will be a religious lady and beautiful

Venus located with Jupiter and Ketu

Partner abortions

She will face abortions

Venus is in conjunction with Ketu, and inimical Jupiter in debility. Both Saturn and Venus are weak in this chart and so also is Moon who just emerges from Sun’s conjunction. (Probably it indicates below average chart as karka of karma is weak and so comforts and money (Venus) and mind (Moon) afflicted.


Native will have 3 boys

Sun, Jupiter and Mars (they are all near to Venus the giver of children).

Longevity of Children

They may not live long

Sun, Jupiter and Mars are all surrounded by inimical planet or located in inimical signs.

His daughter will not survive

(Venus and Moon not well placed)

In his 54 – 55th age, his son will attain a good position and have advancement in life

Jupiter in his 5th round will aspect natal Jupiter.


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