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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 53


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Intellect and education

A great intellect and will have good education

Mercury, Sun are in Pisces


Native holding high position in government

Venus in Aquarius with Sun and mercury in the next house (This could be because Venus is karka of money and 2nd is source of earning. Sun in 2nd means from government Venus in friendly house means high places).

Profession change

He may change his profession

As Venus and Saturn have exchanged places


He marries when Venus is in Aquarius

Woman – another contact

Will get contact with another family woman

When Venus contact Rahu (Rahu is in Cancer and highly emotional besides Tamoguni. So when Venus contacts Rahu, another family woman comes in). Jupiter enjoys the action, propels the activity and so the time should be in all cases related to Jupiter signifying as explained in the initial charts and then rotation of Venus as explained in the beginning.

Fame in government level

Will gain great fame in government level

Jupiter has Ketu in the next house to his own Profession lord Saturn when transiting Aquarius occupied by Venus.

Second contact – when?

The second wife will be contacted at the age of 42-44

(When Jupiter transits Rahu as Rahu was cause of contact with second woman as mentioned above is when Jupiter will transit over Leo aspected by Venus). There is a possibility of giving the second contact the status of wife due to Jupiter in Pisces.

Professional rise

He will be very rich and own houses

When later Saturn transit Virgo and Sun aspects from Pisces. (Sun has been party in rise and government job).

Riches and Owns house

He will be rich and own houses.

(Venus karka of riches is going to enter its exaltation sign Pisces).


He will have two children form one wife

(Venus having Sun and Mercury in the next house).

Chart No. 35

Birth place

Native is born near a temple

Ketu in 2nd house to Jupiter

Prosperity place

He will shine in a place other than his native place

As Jupiter is retrograde


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