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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 52


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Dealing in chemicals

Indicates dealing in chemicals

The contact with Moon later indicates dealing with chemicals

House owning

Shows house owning

Saturn next meets Rahu and then Mercury in exaltation show owning a house (As Saturn meets Rahu and then Venus in Leo, the royal house with aspect of Mars indicating earning plenty of money and owing a house).

Earning plenty of money

Show owning a house and earning plenty of money from 44-45 onwards

(As Saturn moves to meets Moon as indicated above and deals with chemicals. As it further progress and comes to arise (44-45) and there meets Rahu in Cancer and Venus in Leo with aspect of Mars and then exalted Mercury in Virgo, show owning a house and earning plenty of money from 44-45 onwards).

Good period

The good period continues upto the age of 60

(Till Saturn transits over Mars aspected by Venus in Aquarius).

Foreign journeys

He may undertake foreign journeys

(Ketu in Capricorn and Moon in Pisces the watery sign. The transit of Saturn may give foreign journeys).

Married life – unhappy

The married life of the native will not be happy

Rahu-Ketu axis between Mars (in Aquarius) and Venus (in Leo) with Jupiter coming across Ketu. Mars planet representing husband and Venus wife separated across Ketu (divine) indicates more of spiritualism.


74 years

Jupiter in Taurus lord in inimical sign aspected by Mars enemy. Transits over Ketu in 7th round. The analysis can be done as in earlier horoscopes.

Chart No. 33


Native employed in government holding a high post

Profession planet Saturn is in exaltation and has Sun and Mercury on either side.


He will gain religious knowledge and hold an important place earning name and fame

Combination of exalted Saturn with Sun and mercury on either side followed by Jupiter in Scorpio In fact, having Jupiter in 2nd house to Saturn to give name and fame etc. – this is in the horoscope of one of the large Indian industrialist though the horoscope looks apparently mediocre.

Religious minded and moksha

The native will also be religious minded and enlighten himself to moksha

With Ketu in Capricorn. (In fact Jupiter in 2nd to Saturn and Ketu in 4th in Capricorn give indication of religious minded and moksha).

Patient and god loving

He is always patient and is always god loving

Jupiter and Mars have exchanged places. (Jupiter in Scorpio and mars in Pisces (godly sign)).

Chart No. 34


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