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Vastu Shastra: Useful Vastu Tips, Chapter XIV, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

20. Keep the bathroom and toilet door closed as much as possible.

21. Keep the broom and mops out of the sight in kitchen.

22. Never put mirror in kitchen.

23. One should never hoard stale food, withered flowers, torn clothes, waste paper, waste materials, empty tins, old jars and useless things. These things prevents Lakshmi from entering the house.

24. Place a happy family picture in living room.

25. Place a picture of bright sunrise on southern wall in living room.

26. Place an aquarium in the south-east corner in living room.

27. Place the computer on your right side on the table.

28. Please check the gate of the lift is not in front of the main gate of the house.

29. Please check there aren’t grown very high trees like Bangan, Pipal, Thorny trees.

30. The house should be fully airy and has enough water resource.

31. The seat in the toilet should be NORTH-SOUTH.

32. The wind should come from south-west in the bed room.

33. There should not be any room which has shape.

34. There should not be obstructive houses surrounding your plot.

35. The groundbreaking ceremony should be done when the sun is in the northern hemisphere and when days are longer than nights; usually this transpires from June 21 to December 20.

36. Trees & plants: Plants should be planted during auspicious constellations. It is ideal to plant during the bright half, i.e., close to full moon. Saplings should first be planted in lay pots and only later placed in the ground. This enables them to grow better.

37. Under no circumstance, should one acquire any plot adjoining the South or West side of one’s plot. Any adjacent land acquired on the South or West side can be disastrous to the person.

38. Windows should open outward normally.

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