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Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 1

Chapter 15

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Q. No. 1. – Is Vaastu Shastra applicable to Hindu Religion only?

Answer – No, the principles of Vaastu as enumerated in old classical texts are universally applicable like sun, air and earth. They influence the lives of all human beings irrespective of place religion, cast and creed.

Q. No. 2. – Is Vaastu applicable to rented houses also?

Answer – The rules of Vaastu Shastra are equally applicable to a self owned or rented premises without bias. For the vaastu deficiencies of a building, both the owner and tenant are likely to suffer. Similarly a Vaastu perfect construction is bound to add to the peace, prosperity and happiness of both parties within few months of construction or occupancy.

Q. No. 3 – Are the effects of the plot different for men and women?

Answer – In the East N-E, North N-E, West N-W and South S-W of the plots male domination is observed. In the East S-E, South, S-E, West S-W and North N-W direction of the plots female domination is observed. For example those buildings with entrance in East, S-E direction or the Soutn, S-E direction is found to have female domination. In the buildings with the entrance in the East or the N-E direction have male domination. In the buildings with West S-W entrance the women are always a failure. The women staying in building with North N-W entrance do not like to stay at home. These women are always going out or to outstations. The men staying in the houses with West N-W entrance have always to go outstations or to foreign countries for work. The men staying in the houses with South S-W entrance have no interest in work. They become cruel and lazy.

Q. No. 4. – How does Vaastu Shastra actually act on human beings?

Answer - The effect of Vaastu Shastra takes place on all the people staying in a building through the following energies. Biological energy of the environment around the building, cosmic energy obtained from the cosmos, solar energy obtained from North and the South pole, gravitational energy obtained from the Earth, water and wind, energy obtained from the nature etc. On the balance of these powers depend the peace of mind and health and progress of a man. If the building is not built as per Vaastu Shastra all these auspicious upowers are obstructed leading to the faults in the building.

Q. No. 5 – If the ground on the N.E. is retracted, how it can be made equal to the other sides?

Answer – In such a case one may purchase the adjacent plot which is available in the N.E., add it to the main plot and then the N.E. may be projected.

Q. No. 6 – Is there any rule as regards the measurements of rooms?

Answer – The rooms on the East and North should not be bigger than those on the West on South. These rooms may be smaller than or equal to the rooms on the West and South. In the same way, the verandahs on the West and South should be bigger than those on the East and North or equal to them.

Q. No. 7. – Is it allowed to cover the four corners of the plot?

Answer – It is better to keep all three corners of the house/temple open excepts S-W, That is why at the time of House – Warming Ceremony, the owners move around the newly constructed house before they enter it. It is considered very auspicious. Although S.W. corner may be closed but the open space between the house and the compound wall is a must.

Q. No. 8. – Is it good to have cellars/basement or underground houses?

Answer – As far as possible it is better to avoid them especially in a residential building, since the houses should always be on a higher level than that of the road. In olden days palaces generally built on hillocks used to enjoy strength, stability and luxuries of life. However when the residential as also commercial activities are carried out in the same complex, basement in the East, North and the N-E sector can be made and used for storage and parking. If only basement is used for business, only 60% benefits are obtained in spite of good star position coupled with best of efforts.


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