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Vastu Shastra: Remedies for Disha Dosh, Chapter XIII, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

1. The sanctity of this direction should be maintained at any cost. No dump should be made in this direction because it leads to increase enmity among the family members and becomes a reason for allegations.

2. A Neon lamp should be fixed in this direction.

3. Rudratoran should be fixed in this direction.

4. Worship lord Shiva and keep fast on every Monday.

Rectification of the defects of South-East facing doors

According to Vastu Shastra the kitchen should be in the south-west direction. The kitchen should not be in damaged position because if the kitchen is in damaged form then the wife of the owner of the house will not be healthy. Her life would be full of struggle. If a well is near the kitchen then the land lady would be active but she would always be over burdened. If this area of the house is more developed than south then the women of the house would remain ill. The remedies for this defect are:-

1. Install green Ganpati in the front and back of the house. It is said that asa is well always in front of Ganesha and poverty follows him. Ganesh should be fixed back to back which is considered result oriented.

2. Give proper place to Ganesha in the daily worship at home.

3. Vastumangalkari Yantra should be placed on the front gate of the home.

4. It would be much better if both Laxmi-Ganesha are given proper place in the house.

Rectification of the defects of North-West facing doors

If the bed room is in north-west direction then the native would always has chronic cough and cold and would face a heavy debt. If there is study room in this direction then the people who are studying there would always feel drowsiness and would face a lot of hurdles in their studies. If a kitchen is built in this direction then women of the house would be restless. If in the North-West section of the house kitchen is built and the gas stove is also placed there then the guests would keep on coming to the home. Placing of stove in the south-east direction could be useful for the native. If there are trees and plants in this direction then the native would be blessed with spiritual and secret powers. If there is toilet in this direction then the members would remain restless and there would be less peace in the house. Due to defects in north-west direction there could be chances to sell out the property. Following are the remedies for its rectification:-

1. Fix Chander yantra in the house for rectification of this defect.

2. Place white Ganpati on the front and back of the door on a copper Shri Yantra.

3. Paint the walls with cream colour.

Rectification of the defects of South-West facing doors

It is belief of the Vastu Shastris that this portion of the house should always be kept heavy. If that portion is empty then the owner of the house would face financial problems. If there is any bathroom in this direction then the owner has to face a lot of problems but if there is bedroom in this direction then the native would always be blessed with all sorts of luxuries in his life. This direction should always be balanced in the home otherwise the native has to face a lot of problems. If there are pits or wells in this direction of the house then the males and females remain ill. If this direction is extension of the plot then there are chances of litigation and debt to the native. The defects can be rectified as under:-

1. Place Rahu yantra in the Pooja Room and perform its Pooja.

2. Place mixed or brown colour Ganesha on the main entrance of the house.

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