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Vastu Shastra: Remedies for Disha Dosh, Chapter XIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rectification of the defects of East facing doors

It is essential that the house should have windows and doors facing east direction. There should not be any toilet in this direction so that the sun rays coming from this direction should not leave their sanctity and bless the native with all round prosperity.

As told earlier, if the east direction is higher in comparison to others then the owner of the house would be very poor. His children may be mentally retard. Legal cases are always knocking at the door. Following are some of the remedies for rectification of this defect.

1. Surya yantra should be fixed for rectification of this problem. If business is giving its due and even there are problems then the native should recite Shri Laxmi Sahasarnam. The Bij mantra of Sun is as under:-










ma gka gha gkSa l%A

Om Hram Hrim Hrom Sah!!

This mantra should be recited for seven thousand times.

2. During the Havana give offerings with the mantra of lw;ksZ T;ksfrZAA

If there is kitchen in west direction, the owner earns plenty of money but he is not able to store it. If there is fire place in this direction then people living in this direction will face problems related to acidity and liver. If the door of the house is small then effect of Ketu is not good and the house faces a lot of ups and downs. Some remedies of east facing houses are as under:-

1. Install Varun Yantra in the home with the help of a learned astrologer or yantra expert.

2. Keep fast on Saturday.

3. Water the Khezdi tree on Saturday.

4. Donate Mustard oil on Saturday.

Rectification of the defects of North facing doors

In the north direction if there is some water resource then it blesses some of the native of the house in yoga practice. Such native develops interest in classical literature and always thinks about his culture and religion. If there is some well or water tap in this direction then he is not able to store wealth in the house. If the door is north facing there is always a fear of theft. The native of the house can even think of suicide due to some deteriorating situations. Following remedies are recommended in these conditions:-

1. If there is some religious ceremony in the home then it is advised that the native should worship the Mercury yantra first.

2. Paint all the walls of the house with the green colour.

3. The call bell of the house should be of the voice of parrot.

Rectification of the defects of North-East facing doors

If there is verandah or a big hall in the north-east direction of the house then it is good for the owner of the house and if there is any toilet in this direction then it rings death bell for him. If this direction is attached then the native would be void of progeny and in this case if he wants to go for adoption then it would again be problematic. Though he would be blessed with all type of riches but he would lead live in miseries. Such thing would be the reason for his depression. Though the north-east direction of the compound is right, if the interior of the building is notperfect as per vastu then it would be problematic for the native. The remedies for north-east direction are as under:-


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