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Vastu Shastra: Remedies for Disha Dosh, Chapter XIII, Part - 1

Chapter 13

Dr. Shanker Adawal

According to Vastu Shastra one has to perform the remedy relating to the direction of his house. In the first chapter we discussed about the directions. In this direction we will discuss about the rectification of the defects of the directions. Though it has been discussed in length in previous chapters about construction of particular unit in which direction, however, a passing reference is being given here.


Room for unmarried girl


Money balconyor main entrance


Water element, Pooja, Study room


Dining room


Bathroom, Main entrance


Earth element, Master bed Room


Bed room, Toilet


Fire element Kitchen, store

Remedies for the defects of directions

Directions play a lot of importance in the Vastu Shastra. In the following table we are giving some details about some of the defects of directions as told in the Vastu Shastra.


Upper side

Lower side


Problem of progeny or child’s future in dark

Luxuries, long Age, and honour

South East

Inauspicious if higher then South-west, if higher then north-west and north-east auspicious

If lower then south-west it is auspicious, if lower then north-west then a lot of problems and fiery atmosphere


Increase in wealth Blesses good health

Scarcity of money and would give disease


Increase in wealth brings honour

Depression, and other related disease


Able children, Honour

Problem to children and a lot of allegations


If upper then north-east then victory in legal matters,

In lower then North-east then a lot of disputes, if lower then southeast and south-west then it is auspicious and if higher then auspicious


Always inauspicious

Always auspicious



Good in all respects

The defects of the directions can be rectified as under:-

Rectification of the defects of South facing doors

Sometimes it is seen that some of the house have defects due to southern facing. In addition it is also seen that except the southern direction there is no way where one can open new direction for entrance or exit. It is not possible that only due to this problem the house be vacated or sold out. No, because a persons sentiments are attached with a house. Now we can giving some remedies to address such problems.

1. A long rectangle piece of silver should be embed on the main gate of the house.

2. Plant a mango tree on the main gate to rectify this defect.

3. On the main gate one can fix an energized pyramid made of five metallic elements or simple Vastu pyramid can also work.

4. A horse shoe of black horse can also be fixed on the main gate for rectification of this fault.

5. Put a silver plate in a pitcher on the north-east corner of the house. Also put five gems on the plate to rectify this fault.

6. Put water of river Ganges in a pitcher and cover it with a silver plate. Also put five conchs over it. Now place this pitcher during some Amrit Siddh yoga. This would rectify all type of defects due to south facing of the house. It should be noted that the water of pitcher should not get dry.

7. If there are no alternatives of south facing entrance then fix a Hanuman or Bhairav yantra on the entrance.


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