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Vastu Shastra: Internal Planning of the House, Chapter VI, Part - 7


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Trees and Plants

1. Trees like Bilva, Nagkesar, Ashok, Champa, Neem, Sirisa, Anar, Arjun, Supari, Kathal, Ketki, Malti, Coconut, Banana are good for planting in the residential area.

2. Lemon tree is not good.

3. Cactus plants are not good for residential House.

4. Other fruit trees should not be planted in residential House.

5. Brihat Samhita has recommended trees for different locations. Banyan tree in the East, Peepal tree in the North, Indian fig in the South and Aswatha tree in the West are recommended.

6. Tulsi plants can be placed in the Devasthana.

7. Trees can be planted on the days having constellation of Rohini, Uttaraphalguni, Uttarashada, Uttarabhadrapada, Chitra, Anuradha, Mrigasira, Revati, Moola, Visakha, Pushya, Shravana, Ashwini and Basta.

8. Garden should be in the Northwest, North or East portion of the House.

9. Heavy trees can be planted in the Southwest portion.

10. Rock Garden can be located in the Southwest portion of the House.

11. No trees should be planted in front of the Main Door or Main Gate.

12. Lower portion of heavy and big trees should be surrounded by walls.

Water source

1. A Well in East direction – Very good

2. A Well in North direction – Good

3. A Well in West direction – Fair

4. A Well in South direction – Not good

5. A Well in Southeast – Not good

6. A Well in Southwest – Not good

7. A Well in Northwest – Not good


1. Roof should have downward sloping towards East and North.

2. Roof of verandas, balconies, corridors should be lower than the roof of the main House or parallel.

3. In case of Roofs raising to the centre, the ends of the Southern and the Western Roofs should be at higher level than the Northern and Eastern edges.

4. If the Roofs are not equal, the Southern and Western Roof should be longer.

5. Pyramid shaped Roof is preferred for the room used for Worship.

6. The downward Roofs should not cover the Doors and Windows and the height of the edges should be higher than the height of Owner of the House measuring from the floor level.

7. Supporting Pillar should not be erected inside a Room or infront of any Door.

8. Supporting beams should not cross the space of any Room.


1. The Walls of the House and the Rooms should be heavier and thicker in the Western and Southern side.

2. The slope of the Walls in the top should be rising towards West and the South where necessary, otherwise the same may be in the level with the Roof formation.

3. The measurement of the floors inside the Walls should be in conformity with the same as stated in the chapter for Measurement.

4. Falls or Vacuum Walls, as recommended in the Arthshastra, should not be built in the Modern residential houses.

Servant Quarter, Out House, Cattle Shed

1. Servant Quarter should be avoided, but if it is necessary the same should be located at a distance from the Main House.

2. Servant Quartem or Out House should always be independent from the Main.

House and compound wall.

1. Height should be less than the Main Building.

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