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Vastu Shastra: Flat’s Vastu, Chapter VII

Chapter 6

Dr. Shanker Adawal

In the modern time, Flat Homes in the urban areas have become unavoidable and necessities. Due to scarcity of land flats have come into existence and they are in the reach of common man. Besides the govt machinery building the flats now a days co-operative group housing societies are also building the flats. In this chapter we would discuss the vastu for the flats which is based on the principles of the vastu.

Location in the city or Village

Astrology we can check whether the village town or the location in the these places is competent to our chart or not. For this purpose classics have given their opinion over it. To know the compatibility the should add the number of alphabets in the name of the city or village and add 6 to the same, multiply the sum by 5. Then divide the figure thus arrived at by 27 and find out the remainder which is the Constellation of the Place. Find out the Sign of the same through this Constellation by following the Vedic astrological principle.

1. Rasi of the Land should be the 2nd, 5th, 9th or 10th Rasi from the Rasi of the owner.

2. A Land is auspicious if a river or drain or other flowing water body situated in the East or North side.

3. A Land is not auspicious if a river or a flowing water body situated in the West or South side.

4. A Land should not be located near a graveyard or cremation ground or tomb.

5. A Land is good if there is no hill or mountain in the North or East side. Same rule is applicable for a Town, village and City also.

6. A Land near a Temple, Palace, the crossing of four roads and minister’s house is not auspicious.

7. A Land should not be located in the Southwest corner of the City or Village.

8. A Land located in the North or East side of the City or Village is a good Land.


In constructing the Flat Houses, the entire Building at the first instance has to follow the Vastu principles. Much care is needed in construction of these Houses. Plots should be East or North facing in the Maximum number. The Water-Supply system should be located in the Northeast part of the Plots.

The Height of the Houses should be gradually increased from East to West and from North to South. There should not be Varandas, Balconies, etc. in the South or West. Windows should be fixed in the North and East sides in each of the Flats. The Walls of separate Buildings should be detached. The first, second, third, etc. floors are to be gradually reduced in even numbers of measurement than the ground and the preceding floors. The Southern and Western Walls of the Buildings should be the strongest. Doors should be more in East and North sides.

Water should not flow to West or South directions. Septic Tank may be constructed in the middle East or South or middle North or Northwest side. The Main Gate of the Building should be preferably in the Northeast side. There should not be any Door of the Building or the Flats in the Southwest. In each of the Flats, Vastu principle should be followed for all the aspects and locations of the Rooms and other provisions. The staircase and/or the Lift should be in the Southwest. The out house for Guards, Watchmen, servants, etc. can be constructed in the Southeast or Northwest portions detaching the same from the main building.

Group Housing Schemes

Most of the Houses in Delhi are found to be grossly defective, whosoever have constructed the Group Housings. As stated for Flat Houses, the principles are to be followed for Group Housing also. The Corridors should be made in the Northeast. The Gardens should be provided in the East or North directions. Drainage and Sewerage should be separately constructed for each of the houses till the same become common in the area of common lane. The Walls should be detached from each other. In case of joint-walls, the principles of Vastu should be followed in each block of the joint Houses. The Rooms and other locations of the Houses should be constructed according to the Vastu principles.

`Nadikhatashritam tadwanmahapashanasamjutam. Parbatagre ca samlagnam sugartam bibaranw tam. Caityashmashana-balmika-dhurtakalaya-samjutam. Chatuspathamahabriksha-deva-mantri-nishebitam. Durashritam cha bhugarta yuktanchaiba bibarjayet.”

Kautilya-Arthashastra has narrated that the division of the residential area should be earmarked by three royal highways running from West to East and another three highways stretching from South to North. The Site should be very good having scopes to construct Water Works, Drains, Gates, etc. The “Ninth Part to the North of the heart” is the recommended place for the Palace, whereas the Northeast part is recommended place for the Councillors, preceptors, etc.; Southeast part is for Kitchen, magazine, stables; Eastern part for Kshatriyas, East of South for Workers, and forest- producers and armoury in Southwest, and others in Southern side in the City, etc.

While the same has become inoperative during the present time, the principles are worth considering.

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