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Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Adjacent to Surya Temple on the West side is temple of Chhayadevi in the South-West part which is also incomplete with lower height of its base. This means that the South – West part of the temple complex is low. This is also one of the important factors which does not allow sufficient strength to the temple. A Natyashala (Drama School) is constructed to the East of the Surya Temple. Due to this most of the devotees do not pass through the main entrance. In the South-East direction a well is situated because of which the glory is diminishing gradually; giving the rare temple at Konark, a deserted look.

Q. No. 32. – Which is the main construction fault in the Parliament House at Delhi?

Answer – The Parliament House at Delhi is circular in shape. Since there is always, darkness in circular buildings, there will always be a difference of opinion among all the parties. The progress of the nation will never be thought of. On the other hand the White House of America is rectangular in shape therefore the politics and progress is enviable.

Q. No. 33. – Why Varahswami Temple, who was the mentor of Shri Balaji, at Tirumal is deserted?

Answer – Varahswami is the teacher (Guru) of Tirupathi Balaji. It is believed that without visiting the temple of Varahswami the visit to Balaji Temple is not fruitful. There is a large water tank and to the North-East of tank, the Varahswami Temple is situated. This means that in the South – West of Varahswami Temple, water is situated. In addition to the South, the South – East and the South – West parts of this temple are at a lower level whereas the market on the North side is at a higher level. All these things are against the principles of Vaastu Shastra. That is why inspite of the announcement and literature emphasizing that it is meaningless to visit the Balaji Temple without visiting the Varahswami Temple, hardly 10% of the devotees visit the later.

Q. No. 34. – Which principle of Vaastushastra is responsible for the importance obtained by the Vivekanand Temple at Kanya Kumari?

Answer - A brass statue of Swami Vivekanand, the disciple of Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans, who spread religion and philosophy, is set up at Kanyakumari. In the Indian ocean in Tamilnadu this temple is situated on a large stone and is famous as a place of pilgrimage. For reaching this temple one has to travel by motor boat through the sea. After a lighting from the boat for reaching the temple one has to go by a road on the North-East side. The devotees enter the temple through a gate in the North – East direction. Water all around the temple and a North-East entrance are two natural gifts which have made this temple of Swami Vivekanand very famous.

Q. No. 35. – What are the special features of Ramakrishna Math according to Vaastu Shastra?

Answer – The auspicious river Ganges flows towards the East of the Math. This is special feature. The Western part of the Math is taller and the Northern part is shorter in height. In the East – North – East part of this Math therer is a garden. The entrance gate is in the auspicious South, South-East direction. The Ramakrishna Math has prospered due to all these qualities.

Q. No. 36. – Why is Goddess Laxmi happy with the commercial street at Bangalore?

Answer – The commercial street at Bangalore is in the East – West direction. The downward slope of this road is entirely towards the East. The cross roads starting from the commercial street towards the South and the North have downward slope in the North direction thus they have upward slope towards the South. This business prospers due to the downward slope towards the East and the North. That is why it is said that the Goddess Laxmi is benevolent to this road which is not wrong. The same situation found at Nasik in Maharashtra for Sharanpur road, College road & Gangapur Road.

Q. No. 37. – Why the colonies of the aristocratic and rich people is in the South of the town?

Answer – Every city has a boundary. As we move South the distance between the North and the South side increase. The North is the direction of Kuber. Kuber has got infinite amount of wealth. That is why people staying on the South side are rich because they get maximum opening for the North direction. In India South Block houses the Prime Minister office & Defence Ministry facing North Block which housing the Finance Ministry.


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