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Vastu Shastra: Frequently Asked Questions, Chapter XV, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

As per basic guidelines of Vaastu, the owner/CEO should always sit in the room in South or West zone. For more prosperity the trader should preferably sit with face towards the North and the consultants for more name & fame should preferably sit facing East.

Q. No. 28. – Why the Taj Mahal at Agra became so famous?

Answer - Mainly Taj Mahal is a square figure. Taj Mahal has four doors in the East, the West, the North and the South. Out of these the doors in the East and the West are of the same height meaning at the same level from the ground. The south gate is at a higher level than the North gate. The North and the South direction pass from the exact centre of Taj Mahal. It means the magnetic field passes through the centre. The most important thing is that the river Yamnua flows on the North side of the Taj Mahal. The whole building is made of a particular type of marble. The height, the dome etc. are constructed with due regards to Vaastu Shastra. Due to this magnetic force a unique area is created in and around the Taj Mahal, best owing the building a power to attract the spectators from all over the world.

Q. No. 29. – Thousand of people lost their lives in the Bhopal Gas Case. What construction fault was there?

Answer – In the old locality of Bhopal in about 80 acres of land a factory is situated with a name Union Carbide Pesticide Factory. The shape of the plot is irregular. The South, South-East corner is cut whereas the East, South – East corner is extended. The West, North-West corner is also extended. In the same way the North-East and the North direction are totally cut, thus the auspicious directions are cut where as all inauspicious directions are extended. The main entrance of the factory is the South of South-West part. The furnace is at the centre-place. To the South of factory is the storage tank and boring to South-West side. This means that there are pits and water in the South of South – West direction. Railway line has passed through the North and East and the South part of the factory. There is downward shape in the South West direction. Inspite of all these construction faults the whole factory being built against Vaastu Shastra, it continued for a few years in itself is wonder. The main reason is that with downward slope in the East, unnecessary water used to collect there. The methylisocyanate plant was exactly at the centre of the factory. All types of pesticides were made here. There were three storage tanks Nos. 610, 611 & 619 where MIC was stored. On 3rd December storage tank No. 610 get leaked. Due to the poisonous gas more than 2000 workers died and more than 20,000 workers were injured seriously.

Q. No. 30. – Why the Western Railway in Mumbai is more profitable than the Central Railway?

Answer – The North – South length of the island Bombay is more. The Central Railway passes through the place of Brahma of Bombay city. Therefore the Railway Board gets less profit from the Central Railway and even it is not developed to the extent. The Western Railway has passed through the Western part of Bombay. The West is the direction of air therefore fast moving vehicles have progressed in the Western direction. As more sea is on the West of Bombay the western suburbans have also progressed more than the Eastern suburbans.

Q. No. 31. – Why the Surya Temple at Konark in Orissa not so famous?

Answer – In the Orissa state of India there is a Surya temple at Konark, known as the “Konark Temple”. It could not become famous because of construction faults. The site of Konark Temple is at lower level than the rest of the surrounding village. The North- North- West and South-South-West part around the temple is extended and the North –North-East and South –South-East portion are cut. This is against the principle of Vaastu Shastra. The Surya mandir temple is constructed in the form of chariot. Due to this the Eastern part is at a higher level than the rest of temple obstructing the name & fame it deserves. Also the East – North – East corners are cut which deprives the building of any growth.


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