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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 9


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Community of Birth


Jupiter in Capricorn in ishwaramsa sign owned by Saturn and just behind there is Moon representing Parvati, and Ketu representing tail. Hence it is inferred that the native is Saivite.


Name may be that of Shiva’s Vahan – Nandi

Mouth is represented by Rahu. Mars represents horns, Jupiter represents stomach and Ketu the tail. Ketu and Moon being in the same sign indicate one is born in the ocean of milk (Parvati). The nature and personality is described by Nandi (the Bull). The name may be that of Shiva’s Vahan Nandi. The name can begin with the first letter of Nadikswara. Names can be chosen from the other names of Nandi like Vrishabha indicating some measure of relationship to Nandi.

Father is an Agriculturist

Native’s father is an agriculturist

As Sun representing father is deposited in Virgo, a sign of vegetarian food crops etc. – inference is that father is an agriculturist. Sun + Virgo = Father an Agriculturist

Parents Money Shared

Parents’ money may be shared by the brothers and sons.

Sun the karaka of father has Saturn as his son in the next house and so the brothers of Saturn represent sons. As a planet, Saturn cannot become brother to Sun. Saturn is aspected by Mars directly and Mars represent brothers. So there is a presence of both the brothers and son in 7th house. Venus is karaka of money associated with Sun i.e. money amassed by father (Sun). Because of exchange of Venus and Mercury, Venus produces the subtle effect on Libra where it is not only associated with Saturn (Sons by Parents) but aspected by Mars (Brothers of Parents). So the person’s money (Venus) is shared by his brothers (Mars) and sons (Saturn).

Source of income

Second house is source of income. Here in 2nd house to Sun (Father) Saturn is placed, aspected directly by Mars (Land) clearly indicates one owning lands.

Saturn representing source of money in 2nd to Sun indicates the conditions or fate of that money depends on conjunction and aspects. Saturn is also son of Sun in 2nd house. So one influence is that of the sons of father (brothers of native). It is also aspected by Mars, karaka of brothers. Saturn is also conjunct with Mercury (karaka of division, multiplication, distribution etc.). Hence the parent money will be shared by brothers and sons. Hence the parent money will be shared by brothers and sons. Here Saturn indicates source being in 2nd to Sun. Besides it also indicates sons of Sun. This is in relation to Sun which is a Karak for the father. It is directly aspected by Mars (an enemy) and brothers (Mars as a Karak) take away the money or harm Saturn (enemy). Mars is not only karaka of brothers but also of lands and so Saturn is influenced, as source of money, by Mars (lands) and also karka of brothers Mercury is a planet of duplicity and division.

Why Mars in 8th to Sun sign should be the course for brothers sharing the money

From this it appears that Mars normally placed in 8th should not give any profit or gains from Sun (father) and it is there in all cases.

Thus any planet placed in 8th from any other planet (Karkatwa) or karaka (Money here belonging to Sun) should give advantage to that planet (like Mars brothers). Here despite 8th placements from Sun and Venus, Mars gains- why? The reason being Mercury and Venus have exchanged places, Venus who is in conjunction with the Sun, gets his own amsa in Libra which is directly aspected by Mars in Aries so the parents give away the money (Venus amsa) to his brothers whose karaka is Mars.


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