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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part – 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Rahu and Ketu

The Hindu astrology has given great importance to the two nodes of moon (Rahu/Ketu), physically non-existent, yet regarded and treated as fullfledged planets.

Rahu/Ketu represent the major given traits, understanding your life as a part of a continued thread. The names attached to these planets are somewhat striking. A monste5r called Serpent (Dragon) with little variation is used to depict the general influence of these two.

Rahu and Ketu act as a connecting point between the unknown past (Karma) and the known present. In other words, these two planets bridge the gap between the previous form of soul and the present soul. The planets ruling the signs of Rahu and Ketu have the Karmik control. While Ketu is the unknown portion of Karma – the planet ruling the sign of Karma is called the incoming or past life, Rahu controls the Karma distribution in this life. These two planets have strong implications depending on where they are in the chart and the aspects they make with other planets.

A very important factor which would be explained in the charts is that if the depositor of these two planets are in conjunction, no matter what the horoscope is in terms of other Rajyogas, one will always see the person will rising in life and making his destiny. His rise could be in a positive or negative way, ending in peculiar circumstances depending on the affliction. This combination has been seen in the case of former PM of Pakistan, Mr. Bhutto, Mr. Kennedy, Mr. Mujib-ur-Rehman etc., to name a few.

Yogas combination made by Ketu will make a person great, but will destroy him. Combinations made by Rahu will make the native enjoy powers lifelong, till death. These two planets are extremely important in terms of where they are placed and the planets which come and energise them. This will be explained in the chapters ahead; it can be seen that a debilitated Mars having Rahu ahead of it with no other planet in between and Moon 12th to Mars and if this horoscope is of a lady, it can be predicted that she will be deceived by a person which will have a great impact on her destiny. Many such examples and how these two planets make and unmake destiny are explained – need to be treated with great caution and care.

Planets in conjunction

We also need to understand the play of planets while they are in conjunction. For e.g. if Mars, Venue and Mercury are conjunct in Cancer and we have Mercury in Leo, then as explained Mars and Venus would get into a relationship but as the sign is Cancer and Mars is debilitated in Cancer, Mars will slip from the relationship and conjoin with Mercury and in a case where there is no aspect conjunction or any other relationship would mean that the concerned person would fall into a relationship with a lady and will be deceived. This is how we need to analyse the planets while we see the conjunction of more than 2 to 3 planets.

Nevertheless, though these are ideal examples, they have to be read in conjunction with transit, Jupiter rotation, Saturn rotation, rotating the significator if we need to know broadly and the transitory position.

I have tried to explain some common astro dictums above, but the reader is advised to read a basic book in astrology if he wants to go into the details of the nature of house, planets and signs. I would also like to repeat that before applying the rules, the readers should take into consideration the degrees of each planet while analyzing the horoscopes.

This is just a beginning of a research which has been done and it needs to be studied in greater details i.e. taking into consideration the nakshatra so that we can also predict events monthwise in a detailed manner.


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