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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 43


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Saturn contact Sun and Mercury where Mercury is a friend and having Saturn in 7th house. Mercury represents accounts. Association with Sun gives government job and so finance of government i.e. treasury and opposition of Saturn give great fame and name. Besides this depositor of Scorpio sign is in 9th from it and so great name and fame. But will have only ordinary comfort because Venus Karka for comforts whom Saturn has already contacted is before Sun.

Another person could be that Sun and Mercury are lords of 9th and 10th from Jupiter and contact of Saturn in this combination give all fame, name and government job. Treasury could be because of Mercury to Venus. This combination is surrounded by benefic too i.e. Venus and Jupiter. Both great powers of Venus and Jupiter in their own house and surround Mercury and Sun.

He will come in limelight when Saturn contacts Venus in his own house.

Saturn contacts Venus in his own house (Saturn and Venus are great friends) and contacts of Saturn with Venus is own shall be a house of exaltation for Saturn.

The native will enter into a treasury service and obtain great name and fame but he will have very ordinary comforts as

Saturn contacts Mercury and Sun in the next house.

One of his brothers is a great pundit and will occupy a great position.

(Mars represents one of the brothers and having Ketu next to it in sign Leo which is a sign of value).

More troubled life up to the age of 60 years of native when he will get some financial help from his wife’s side.

Up to 60 years 5th round of Jupiter i.e. up to Aries sign from Sagittarius transit in Capricorn opposition Mars and Rahu in Capricorn and in Aries oppositions Venus. At the age of 60-61 Jupiter will be transiting Capricorn whose sign lord is Saturn placed in 2nd house of zodiac and lord of Taurus well placed and Venus represents wife’s side.

He will live up to the age of 75

(Jupiter contacts Saturn in Taurus sign whose depositor is in 8th and inimical sign with support of enemy Mercury. So in 5th round he may end his life at a time when Jupiter is transiting over Rahu. Age could be 74 completed or 75th running).

Chart No. 21

Native will take up to art of painting

Sun and Saturn placed in the Mercantile sign (Gemini) Mercury is placed in the house of mind (Cancer is sign of mind and intellect) and Mars and Venus in Leo under the shade of Ketu.

Two sources of happiness

Jupiter having Mercury in 7th to his place and Venus in 8th indicate two sources of happiness.

He has extraordinary intellect

Mercury placed in the house of mind with planet of value (Venus) and energy (Mars) in Leo sign, the place of value.

He is well read in Vedic lore

Mercury is having Ketu in next house in Leo. Mercury is karka of education and Ketu karka of Vedic lore.

He will establish himself in a big place and provide comforts to the public by his intellectual powers

Mercury in exaltation sign of Jupiter with Jupiter in 7th (big place), Mercury placed in house of mind with Jupiter in 7th and with Venus, Mars ahead.

His last period of life from 71 to 80 will be the happiest time.

7th round will fall in Cancer where Mercury is aspected by Jupiter and transit of Jupiter from Gemini to Pisces shall be good. So from 71 to 80 will be happy times.

Chart No. 22


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