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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 35


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Parental Property

Native will gain parental property including lands.

(Sun in the house of Mars along with Venus in the next house and Venus and Jupiter exchanged places. In a way Sun is in the Mars sign with Venus in next house along with Jupiter due to exchange).


He will have religious knowledge and be charitable in nature.

(Mercury conjunction with Ketu)

(Jupiter exchanging place with Venus and getting contacted with Ketu) or (Jupiter had Sun and Ketu in the next house).


He will purchase a built house.

(Mars in exaltation sign of Jupiter).

Court cases

He will involve himself in court matters.

Jupiter contacts Sun and then Venus (Sun and Venus indicate court) situated along with Mercury. In fact due to subtle placement of Jupiter in Sagittarius he will be having influence of Venus inimical along with Mercury (friend) with Sun in the 12th (indicating government). Jupiter, as it progresses, comes across Sun in the sign of Mars (quarrels with government) and then Venus (judicial) placed next in inimical sign. All this with Mercury (friend of Venus) and inimical to Jupiter.

Selling away House

And sells away his house for meeting expenses of legal matters in which he is involved.

Mars debilitated in Cancer indicate loss of house. The Sun is in the sign Scorpio between Jupiter and Venus exchanging houses.

Mars karka of house contacts Jupiter in sign Venus placed behind Sun, so legacy. Mars contacts Sun in the sign of Mars and then Venus and Mercury in Sagittarius and all inimical to Mars, so (Mars) house is disposed for legal cases due mainly to Venus which is inimical to Mars.


Lives up to his middle age of 50 – 60 years.

(Jupiter transit in sign Aquarius where lord Saturn is debilitated and transit in Aries i.e. 50 and then gets in touch with Rahu which has Mars ahead).

Chart No. 13

Native Birth

Native was born to a cultivator.

Jupiter, his life propeller is in the house of Mars and Ketu occupies the 2nd house.

Father was a cultivator. Sun in the sign of Jupiter and itself in the sign of Mars with Ketu in 2nd indicate that father was cultivator. In fact Jupiter behaves like Sun being his depositor.

Follow great people

Native will follow some great people.

As Mars transit Jupiter first.

Win Over enemies

He will win over all enemies.

(Jupiter having Ketu in next sign indicates enemies and as next sign belongs to Jupiter so he will win over enemies).

Brothers and Sisters

His brothers and sisters will have some troubles to face in life.

Mars and Moon next to Rahu. (Mars and Moon are crushed by Rahu and so troubles to be faced in life).


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