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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 34


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Native characteristics

Native is capable of winning over every one being very pleasant while talking, easy and unoffending nature. The 2nd house to Jupiter occupied by Mercury and Venus with Jupiter.


Native will have good education. (Mercury with Venus in the 12th house from it).

Sex Relations

He will have sex relations with other women. (Jupiter in conjunction with Venus and Mercury).


The native will take up wood sawing as his profession.

Saturn contacts Rahu first, Mars next (Rahu and Mars indicate dry wood) and then Sun Venus conjunction with Mercury next indicate a clear way of giving new shape to dry forest wood purchased.

Government officers Relations

He will have beneficent relations with high government officers.

Sun Venus conjunction. And get help from them. Jupiter exaltation.

Previous Birth (Rule – Jupiter to be considered in previous house).

Jupiter in Gemini with Mars shows ambitions of high order. Mars in Gemini aspected by Saturn and Rahu in 12th (bed comforts). Rahu in 12th and Mars in inimical sign with aspect of an enemy Saturn indicate that he would have lot of immoral acts on account of his endless ambitions. He would have also committed robberies (Mars in Gemini with aspect of Saturn) and duped many including high government officers (2nd house to Jupiter source and nature of money). Sun and Venus indicate high government officers and Venus stands for money. This combination in sign of Moon and Venus being an enemy indicate duping and cheating.

So the effect of all this is that there will be delay in having his own house in this life (Mars in inimical sign), loss of father at an early age (Sun with enemy Venus along with Jupiter) enmity with relations, (Mercury in Leo whose lord Sun in 12th), trials and troubles to wife (Venus with Sun and Jupiter in Cancer) and his mother (as planets fighting in Cancer the sign of mother).

Principles explained in brief.

His previous birth is indicated by Gemini in Jupiter. Mars is in Gemini and aspected by Saturn in the seventh from there and Rahu is in 12th. He would have done a lot of immoral acts on account of his endless ambitions. He would also have done robberies and duped many including high government officers (2nd to Jupiter are Venus and Sun in Cancer the sign of duping with Mars in 12th and Saturn in 6th). So effect of it all is that there will be delay in having his own house in this life, loss of father at an early age (Sun with Venus enemy) enmity with relations (Jupiter with inimical Venus and Mercury next), trials and troubles with wife (Venus in inimical sign with enemy Jupiter) and his mother suffers.

Japa of Narayana mantra completed with homa (offering to fire) and charity to Brahmins, will bring relief. His son will be a learned scholar and will help his parent in old age and earn plenty of money.

Chart No. 12

Brothers and sisters

Native will have one brother and three sisters.

(Sun one brother and Venus with Ketu means three sisters).


Medium education

Jupiter contacts his enemies Mercury, Venus and Ketu around his 12 years.


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