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Bhrigu Samhita: Basic Astrology, Part - 22


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Earlier we have seen prominent of parental property due to aspect of Sun and Venus as Jupiter transited in Pisces. In transiting Aries sign the aspect of exalted Saturn. (Karka of profession and exalted senior officers) on Mars retrograde causes troubles) was there and Mars is bitter enemy (opposition) of Saturn or more correctly Saturn is aspecting enemy Mars (Registered). This gave opposition from seniors or those in higher position.

Now presently Moon in Sagittarius has potential to give foreign journey as Moon is karka of foreign journeys being a watery sign and changeable in nature. Rahu in Gemini is also like Moon and becomes more so as Moon aspects it from Sagittarius (sign of travels).

Transit in Cancer

Cancer sign is exaltation sign of Jupiter and so good results and here being the sign of Moon (karka of travel) keeps the native in abroad.

Transit in Leo

It continues even when Jupiter is transiting a friendly sign of Leo owned by Sun which is friend of Moon and transiting Jupiter. The native returns only when Leo is crossed by Jupiter.

Transit in Virgo

When Jupiter contacts Sun in Virgo the native gets a higher job due to association with Venus being depositor of exalted Saturn karka of service.

Transit till Jupiter contacts Pisces

Thus on transit in Virgo it vitalize Saturn exalted. Sun is royal and Venus a planet of value. Thus when Jupiter contacts Sun in Virgo, the native will get higher job on return from foreign travels and higher emoluments and will go on improving his status (as there is no opposition to Jupiter in transit after Virgo and not only sustain but improved it due to friendly Moon and sign of Pisces). Jupiter completes his 4th round at 48th year. This trend will continue up to 50th year in 5th round till Jupiter reaches Pisces as there again it get aspect of Venus and Sun.

Chart No. 2

Legal Minded Man

Native will be an expert legal minded man, kind in temperament and also gain much knowledge in another branch of studies besides law.

Mercury indicating education posted in Aquarius and in the next house Jupiter is placed along with Sun and Ketu. (Mercury karka of education with Jupiter and Sun in next house gives expertise in legal field. Jupiter is karka of law and Sun royal planet).

Jupiter with Ketu and Sun gives royal and kindly temperament as Ketu is gyana karka.

Gains of much knowledge in another branch are shown by Ketu (indicating 2 – 3) in next to Mercury.


He will earn fame

(Jupiter in its own sign with Ketu and Sun)


He will have brothers

(Jupiter is having planets before and after besides Mars is not badly placed).

House – Conveyance – Earnings

He will own a house, have conveyance and earn well

With the placement of Mars and Venus in the 2nd house to Saturn (Mars house and Venus conveyance and earnings) – this is assured.

He will be responsible for deciding quarrels


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