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Vastu Shastra: Introduction, Chapter I, Part - 6


Dr. Shanker Adawal

In above Ikeshitipadastuchakram” There are 45 devas. Their serial is seen in three different manners by our seers. Different sheers have given their views on this chakra.

These celestial beings laid force on the different limbs of the devotee and sat on them as shown below:

Ish (Agni)- head; Apa-face; Prithwi Dhara and Aryam-chest; Avansta-heart; Diti and Indra-shoulder; Surya and Soma – hands; Rudra and Rajyakshma-left arm; Savitra and savita-eight arm; Vivaswan and Mitra-stomach; Pusha and Aryama-Wrist; Asur and Sesha-left side; Vitatha and Grahakshat-right side; Yama and Varuna-thighs; Gandhrva and Puramadan- on the knees; Sugriv and Bhrish-shanks; Dwarika and Mriga-Ankles; Jaya and Shakra-on the hairs grown on the feet; Brahma-on the heart.

Being bound like that the devotee lay down there only. Since then, he has been lying there surrounded by the celestial beings are thus he was called the god of Vastu or Vastu Pursha.

Scientific explanation of Vastu Purush Mandal

The Gods assigned to particular direction and names signifying their characteristics are essentially the different images and projections of the Sun and the moon in their daily traverse through the sky.

{A Similar but positive pattern of cosmic reality is seen in the half circle of the moon travel and accordingly images of goddess are assigned to the particular direction in Vaastu Purush mandal.}

East-South-West is considered as the solar Kingdom and west-North-East is called the lunar kingdom. During sunrise, for the first 2/2.5 hours the sun provides energy for promotion of life. It lies in the east direction and its primary energies are good for existence of all life forms. The next three hours it starts radiating more and more energy in the environment and is called the state of Agni (fire). This is the time when it starts moving on its mission gradually, providing negative effects. During this period this Sun lies in the south- east Zone. The next three hours in its third phase a complete glow and aura of the Sun starts coming out with its full force and energy. This is called yama-a scorching and devastating state of Sun. During this period, the Sun lies exactly above the head i.e. in South-mid-horizon. This is the reason why the South called the direction of yama (Lord of death). After giving out all its radiation, the following three hours the sun Rules over the entire horizon with its complete command.

This is called Gagan, a state associated with sorrow due to Sun’s access thermal activity and its location in the south-west. At Sunset it cools down and directs its rays towards the moon for its night reign.

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