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Vastu Shastra: An Ideal House, Chapter V, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Designing the Doors

After construction of entrance the second work comes about decoration and carving on the main entrance. Vastu Shastra has laid down some principles for it. The old traditional thing is Birds like parrots, peacocks, swans images which are considered good and were being used from ancient times. Goddess Lakshmi seated on lotus with elephants is also good to be used on doors. Traditional guards which are considered dwarpal are also seen carved on the door. The gods of wealth emitting coins can be used for decoration. Kul Devta (the family deity) can adorn the door. Pictures or sculptures of war scenes etc. are not allowed. One should keep in mind that any good images etc. should not be used on the outer side of the door as it may lead to poverty and other problems.

Following is the explanation of number of doors in the house and their effect:

No. of Doors


2 Doors


3 Doors

Cause Enmity

4 Doors

Cause Extended Life

5 Doors


6 Doors

Good Child Bearing

7 Doors


8 Doors

Growth of Wealth

9 Doors


10 Doors


11 Doors

Destruction of the good

12 Doors

Growth of business

13 Doors

Lowers the man’s life span

14 Doors

Increase in Wealth

15 Doors

Destruction of the good


The flow of air and Sun (fire) element is essential for every one. Windows in the house provide us with fresh air and light to enjoy our life with. All the windows should be on the exterior walls of the house and not opening within the rooms. All the windows bigger in size should be in the North-East or North or East direction and smaller window in the South-West. The number of windows in the house should be in even numbers (when counted in total), and not in the multiples of 10.

Sun Shades

The slopes of all sunshades constructed above doors and windows should be towards the North-East, so that the rain water must flow from South-West to North-East.


It is essential to have a boundary wall around a house or industrial establishment. This boundary wall checks the negative energy from entering in the house. While constructing the boundary wall one should take note of following things:-

1. If the house is East facing and the entrance is made just in front of the house then the native should construct a small gate in the North East direction also.

2. In the South facing building make a door in the South-East direction. The gate of the boundary wall should be in front of the building’s gate. It is advisable that the native should not construct gate in Southern direction.

3. In the West facing house’s boundary wall there should a small gate in the South-West direction.

4. In the North facing house though the gate is in the North direction is good but the native should make a door in the North-East direction also.


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