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Vastu Shastra: An Ideal House, Chapter V, Part - 1

Chapter 5

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Every body wants that his/her house should be constructed on Brahmini land because construction of house on graveyard land never blesses good fortune. As per Purans the whole world is a graveyard. Today where there are houses there was sea and where there is now sea it was inhabited with the masses. The world is changeable and no one can deny this fact. Keeping in view this fact that Yagna, Vastu Shanti, and Vastu poojan is undertaken so that the land gets clean from these evil effects. In this chapter we will discuss all the factors related to construction of an ideal house.

The first step is laying of foundation.


After undertaking the ritual of bhoomi pooja the native should keep all the articles, as told by the learned priest, in a small round metal (Copper) pot and give it to mason who will use them while fixing first brick in the foundation. Our classics have made a mention of the size of the brick, its condition (there should not be any crack in the brick, etc), its purity (it should have been energized and cleaned properly) and this whole exercise has to be carried out with the help of Vedic mantras.

The foundation stone should be laid in the NorthEast direction of the plot. The native should not use the used material while constructing new house. It is not considered auspicious for the native.

Open Space

The house must have open space around it. If it is not possible to leave space on the four sides then the native should leave open space in East direction though the plot is North or East facing. If it is not possible to leave open space in East direction then the native should leave space in North-East direction. South-West, North-East or East direction should have less open space in comparison to North East direction.

Construction of main gate

After laying the foundation stone of the house the native should start constructing the boundary wall. While constructing the boundary wall the native should take note of the depth and width of the wall of the main gate of the boundary. The direction of the entrance of the premises carries a lot of significance. Generally it is seen that the main entrance is made towards the road side. In this regard it is advised that the native should take note of the road before purchasing a plot. The orientation of the entrance of the premises is as under:-

Sl. No.






Above Average

Avoid taking big risks



Below Average

Avoid habits that might affect your health, as health and wealth problems could arise.



Above Average

Avoid taking big risks in business.



Below Average

To ensure constant rise in prosperity, concentrate on life long savings.



Very Good

Evaluate your profession properly and have wealth and fame.


South East


Good chance of prosperity, but just be cautious before entering into any new venture



Above average

Be patient and get prosperous



Very bad

Take a cautious approach in business and avoid taking risk.

If the plot does not allow two doors then it is advised to keep it either in East or North direction, but the plots which are South or Western facing they should not have only one door. The plots which have facility of making two doors then they should have doors either East – South; East-West or East-North. And if it has facility for three doors then they should be in all directions except South. One can open four doors in a house if place permits but South-West direction should not have four doors.


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