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The astral energy of March, 1, 2012 says: You will try to j\keep emotion on one side and take a practical view - you would like to tame others. Remember in love the fairer sex is planning to puzzle you. Be careful and do not get tricked by the smart talkers. Important to keep your cool and not to be pained.

My Healing Advice: Pain is created by us. We use people and emotions to develop pain within - is that not true? Stop it. Do not use emotions - the play of back stabbers - that friend whom you trusted betrayed you - that junior who stabbed you - that boss who favored someone else despite promising you - we let the situations and emotions play within us and enjoy the pain - we do not realize that we loose energy - please do NOT CREATE PAIN FOR YOURSELF- situations arise and either your choice was wrong or it was a KARMIC debt you re- payed - that's all -MOVE ON - LET GO/LET BE warmly - start trying today - watch yourself and instruct please - do tell me .

Shanker Adawal

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