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Mars & Mercury: Mercury in Various Houses, Chapter XX, Part - 23


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Punjaraj: Gye vyayabhaavasansthe pituhu shotthaaha sukhinaha tadaa syuhu. Budhena vipulaa dharitree. His father’s brother’s give him much happiness. He inherits a lot of land from them.

Gholap: He is of evil bent of mind, crabby in nature, quick to anger, powerless, devoid of victory but a traveler. He suffers after being bitten by a scorpion, a snake or a similar creature. He could contract leprosy or blindness.

Gopal Ratnakar: He is knowledgeable, debauched, and has a propensity to live in other people’s houses. He has few sons. His mother dies soon. If Mercury is in combination with the Sun, the person has a trusting nature.

Hillajaatak: Chatushchatuhu dwaadasho haanidaha striyaha. At the age of 44 his wife dies.

Yavanjaatak: Vyayaychandrajaha dwaavimshat. He loses wealth at the age of 22.

Paaschaatya Math (Western Thought): He speaks clearly and is victorious in all his ventures. In Capricorn or Scorpio, the person has many covetous enemies. He is brave. If Mercury is an auspicious influence, the person has great introspective knowledge, is well versed with occult and with black magic practices. Mercury can also bestow great power.

Agyaath: Gyaanvaan swatungage vittavaan. Vidhwaana bahuvyayaha. Nripaat bhayam. Paapayute chanchalitaha nripajanadweshi. Vidhyaaheenaha shubhayute dharmamoolena dhanavyayaha. Ucche swakshetre lokadhoorinaha kaaryakartaa cha. He is learned and if Mercury is exalted he is wealthy. He squanders money. He fears the king. If Mercury is in conjunction with malefic planets the person is mischievous by nature and rebels against authority and the king. He is devoid of knowledge. If Mercury is in conjunction with beneficial influences, the person spends his money on religious projects. If it is exalted in its own House, the person can be a leader or a high official.

My Thoughts: All astrologers have ascribed beneficial properties in the masculine signs and negative ones in the feminine signs. Broadly every thing they’ve said is correct.

My Experience: If Mercury is in a masculine sign in the Twelfth House the person’s education is completed, he is content and wants to spend his money on religious projects. He succeeds in whatever he attempts. People like him and they allow him to influence them. His intellect is sharp and he does not misuse it. He suffers losses when at some point in his life, undertaking a big task he seeks the advice of those below him. He is a good manager and a good politician. If Mercury is in a feminine sign, the person is introverted, ignores other people’s behaviour, lazy and content to stay at home. He is intolerant of any discomfort. His education is incomplete. He manages to attempt an intermediate examination and abandon’s education after falling it. He does not trust anyone. If Mercury is in conjunction with the Moon, the person – irrespective of whether these planets are in a masculine or feminine sign – is full of false pride. He donates to charity only to show off to others and gossips about others. He is unkind, evil, cruel, unforgiving and unloving. He lives to eat. His life cycle is all about wining, dining and fathering a few sons.

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