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Mars & Mercury: Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi - Mercury, Chapter XXVIII, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

(a) If conj Venus or Jupiter – Many courageous.

(b) If disposition is strong – Conveyances

(c) If conj Rahu/Ketu/Saturn – Loss of conveyances, loss of happiness, bitterness with relatives, uttering lies.

Mercury in 5th House

Fear of death of uncle, well being of mother, birth of children, doubtful, intelligence, sweet tongue.

(a) If disposition is strong – Prosperous children.

(b) If disposition is weak – Loss of children.

(c) If Mercury is debilitated – The native will be adopting a child, proficiency in chanting Mantras/uncharitable deeds, knows how to talk according to times.

Mercury in 6th House

Respect and preserve from king, obstacles in the direction of native’s education, showy and proud, influence in higher circle in his 30th year, will write or edit books.

(a) If stationed in Aries or Scorpio – Leprosy of blue colour.

(b) If conj Rahu or Saturn. Rheumatic shooting pairs, quarrels with distant relatives.

(c) If disposition is strong – Prosperous nephews.

(d) If conj Ketu – Quittance/intimacy with widow and monetary gains thereafter.

Mercury in 7th House

Happiness and well being of mother, charitable disposition, broad minded, very good reputation.

(a) If conjunct benefics. Gain of conveyance and horse in his 24th year, good wife.

(b) If disposition is strong. Only one wife.

(c) If disposition is weak or station in malefic house of conjunct Mars, Saturn or Rahu. The yoga occurring in the horoscope of girls will result in loss of husband or the native herself suffering from Leprosy.

Mercury in 8th House

Number of children – 7, public charity in his 25th.

(a) If disposition is strong. The native will enjoy full span of life.

(b) If disposition is conjunct malefic or is debilitated or in enemy house. Poor longevity.

Mercury in 9th House

Large number of children, highly learned in Shastras and Veda, proficiency in music, good amount of patience, charitable, professional earnings through business, hates preceptor.

Mercury in 10th House

Good deeds, highly courageous, reputed, highly prosperous, eye diseases in his 28th year.

(a) If placed in exaltation, own house or conj Jupiter: Religious charities/sacrifice.

(b) If combust retrograde or conj malefic. Oppose religious sacrifices.

Mercury in 11th House

Kind hearted, financial prosperity and birth of son in 27 years.

(a) If conj. Malefic. Loss of money through low class people.

(b) If exalted or occupying own house or conj benefic – Financial prosperity.

Mercury in 12th House

Knowledge, valorous in battle.

(a) If conjunct malefic. Focal minded, bitterness with highly placed persons including king.

If conj benefics. Expenses on charity and in right direction, meager education, sickly mother.

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