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Mars & Mercury: Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi - Mercury, Chapter XXVIII, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury + Venus + Mars: For some time she exercises dictatorship, courageous, will have administrative capacity, fair looking, believes in fair justice, bit egoistic, she will have to encounter problems during delivery times, sufferings due to heart trouble is inevitable (may have to undergo surgery too), blood pressure problems indicative.

Mercury + Venus + Jupiter: Wife will have special educational qualities, quite an intelligent one, can extract work from others nicely, she can work as a teacher, a guide and she will be liked by all in social circles. She can attract like a magnet, she nicely coils officers and gets her work done.

Mercury + Venus + Saturn: Wife will be an intelligent one, enjoys luxury, a fortune aspected one, she can involve in trade activities like business etc. (husband can do business in her name or enjoying great fortune).

Mercury + Venus + Dragon Head: Wife enjoys good name in society, quite an intelligent one, involvement in secret affairs inevitable (wife’s sister will have some secret life).

Mercury + Venus + Dragon Tail: Wife will be a bluff master, interested in making secret savings, although she has helping nature to some extent still she would hesitate to exercise it, can calculate many things sitting at a place, she will have capacity to judge others, she exercises her intelligence to gain her ends, enjoys green landed property, there will be disorders in genital organs (may need surgical operations).

MERCURY – Effects of various Houses as per Bhrigu Nadi studies

The various effects produced by Mercury standing in the 12th houses in a horoscope are as follows:-

Mercury in Ascendant

Learned, proficiency in witchcraft and black magic, sweet talk, kind hearted, pilgrimage in his 27th year.

(a) If conjunct malefic or staying in malefic houses – Diseases generally leucotomy, excess of pile. If conjunct or aspected by benefit or staying in benefit house- Good health, lustrous body, knowledge of astrology, slight defect in any organ, bitterness with gentleman, quarrels and misunderstandings with brothers in his 17th year, deceitful.

(b) If exalted or occupying own house – Happiness with and from brothers.

(c) If debilitated or conj aspected by malefic. Will go to hell after death, for sake comfortable lived, worship “Dustha Dhita.”

(d) Conj or aspected by Saturn. Trouble to left eye. In this yoga if conj lord of 6th or debilitation – No such defect, wasteful expenses.

(e) If conj auspicious planet. Charities, proficiency in debating and in use of arms, well built body.

Mercury in 2nd House

Talkative, good number of children, interest in Shastras, contented, moneyed, praiseworthy habits, acquires good amount of education by his 15th year.

(a) If conj malefic or staying in malefic house or enemy houses or debilitation – poor education, Rheumatic and phlegmatic diseases.

(b) If conj or aspected by Jupiter – Proficiency in mathematics and astrology, self confident.

Mercury in 3rd House

Gain of gold in his 15th year, praise worthy habits, financial prosperity.

(a) If disposition is strong – Brothers prosper, conveyances.

(b) If disposition is weak – Sufferings to brothers, fear complex.

Mercury in 4th House

Courageous, broad eyes, happiness from father and mother, knowledge, acquires money through questionable means in his 16th year.


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