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Mars & Mercury: Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi - Mercury, Chapter XXVIII, Part - 1

Chapter 28

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Method of judging wife’s nature from male horoscope:

Mercury + Venus + Sun: Generally good in nature, intelligent, brings honour both to birth place and marital home.

Mercury + Venus + Moon: Quite intelligent, she will be knowledgeable in various artistic fields, very active (she can make even a dumb/deaf to talk), `Mookam Karoti Vachalam’, will have good grasping nature, social minded, will have brother/sisters, ability in business activities too, but her husband may mistake her because of her social movement (one of native’s sister will be capricious, fickle minded), the native treats guests fairly, her husband enjoys transit of her fortune regarding land and gains/property and if her husband suffers any loss, he gains compensation through some means (because wife’s fortune) and inspite of all these, still her husband will be suspicious of wife because of her smiling, social nature, she visits holy pilgrimages, she will be a nature lover, persons who seek help from her in future will accuse her and try to make her a scapegoat.

Mercury + Venus + Mars: She will be calculative, she can control her husband, she would not allow her husband to go in bad ways (that is she can control him), quite intelligent, suffers in educational career (but later on continues), will have brother/sister, generally she does not like quarrelling, but should it come to it, she would not hesitate to expose others, she will be quite a fair looking native.

Mercury + Venus + Jupiter: She will be a talented one, fair educational aspects, she can become a guide/teacher, pertly successful in intellectual lines, fair looking, knowledge in various spheres, she respects elders and intellectuals, she will have fair discretional power, family life fairly good, a sociable type.

Mercury + Venus + Saturn: Educated, quite intelligent, will be a career girl, inclination towards commercial lines, a quietly behaving type, her husband brings her dejection, she will have troubles through her husband, mother-in-law’s sides, husband enjoys prosperity through her fortune.

Mercury + Venus + Dragon Head: Quite intelligent, sometimes suffers due to a sort of fearfulness, her husband enjoys prosperity through her fortune, she can enjoy a luxury life, although her husband may suffer due to inimical aspects, but because of his wife’s (the native) fortune, he can escape such problems.

Mercury + Venus + Dragon Tail: She will have inclination towards the path of liberation, suffers nervous debility, will have some more intuitional power, husband enjoys prosperity because of her fortune (benefit through cloth are indicated), she will be a devotee of Lord Vishnu, her name pertains to goddess Sarasvati, her husband enjoys fortune and prosperity, pertaining to green lands, agricultural land etc.

Method of Judging Husband’s nature from the Female horoscope:

Mercury + Mars + Sun: Husband hailing from a good family background, quite intelligent, although short tempered, will have some discretional power, he will have harmonious relationship with other members of the family.

Mercury + Mars + Moon: He will be a good speaker, will have traveling career, enjoys land gains (agricultural etc.) can work in food/gains departments or in such lines the peculiarity is if he gets angry, some other women will cajole him and he can have her as his companion and if his wife leaves him out of anger, there will be no dearth to him for sexual pleasure.

Mercury + Mars + Dragon Head: Husband quite intelligent, but sometimes behaves like a mad cap, regarding marriage he will come across bad situation and later on marries a girl and life gets settled.


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