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Mars & Mercury: Various Houses in Bhrigu Nadi - Mercury, Chapter XXVIII, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury + Mars + Dragon Tail: Here, regarding both male and female aspects, before their marriage, they will encounter with an affairs with opposite sex, which may not materialize and only later on marriage takes place.

Mercury + Jupiter + Mars: Husband will be a respectable one, inclination towards commercial lines enjoys social status, he will be more intelligent than wife.

Mercury + Venus + Mars: Husband will be a good speaker, enjoys social status and amicable (adjustable) by nature.

Mercury + Mars + Saturn: Husband will have inclination towards business lines although prosperity may not be very high, general aspects of fortune can be enjoyed.

Mercury + Mars + Dragon Head: Her husband quite an intelligent native, but husband and wife would not trust each other, and after some time she may have to find extra marital relationship for her pleasures.

Mercury + Mars + Dragon Tail: Her husband will be intelligent, will have literary knowledge, her nature will be such that moon rays must be falling on her house only.

Flat & Fortune of wife through male Chart

Mercury + Sun + Venus: She is generally an intelligent native, will have good education.

Mercury + Moon + Venus: This is a wonderful combination, she will be quite an intelligent lady, and for outside (acting) she will act like a Penelope, (this combination is like a Trivent Sangam, because three female planets are there) and even if her husband beats her, she would not either care or change, but if he treats her better, he can have some benefits through her, she will be social minded native, talents, knowledge in music and dance prevails, she does not like impositions, but expects fair treatment and husband must make lot of adjustments with her for his welfare and profitabilities.

Mercury + Saturn + Venus: She will have fair fortune, but husband must be adjustable to her, marriage itself well be difficult, some times he will have to wag his tail before her for his benefits.

Mercury + Mars + Moon: (Male/female natives), between husband and wife no likings, she thinks she need not depend on her husband and he thinks he need not depend on his wife, anyhow but both of them may be suitable to do social service, will have their pleasures, happiness outside their family quarters.

Mercury + Saturn + Mars: (Male/female natives), to put it precisely marriage is not at all advisable for such combination (better, Astrologers advice it precisely).

Mercury + Dragon Head + Venus: She can be a good wife, after marriage husband can enjoy prosperity, but he must not either constrain or impose on her any burden (for both male/female natives indications of love marriage is a possibility).

Mercury + Venus + Dragon Head: She will not have affection on her husband, her mind will be working on external interests.

Method of Judging Husband’s Career through the Combination of Planets

Mercury + Mars + Sun: He will sportive be by nature, will have traveling career in commercial lines, connecting circle/society.

Mercury + Mars + Moon: He will be a good, attractive person and a good speaker, does not believe that he has to depend only on his wife, enjoy profitability through green lands, food products, a bit liar, will have artistic knowledge, will have intuitional powers, will have foreign travel in business activities.


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