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Mars & Mercury: Mercury & Nadi Astrology, Chapter XXV, Part - 1

Chapter 25

Dr. Shanker Adawal


The embodying concept of Lord Vishnu – indicates Forehead (Haalala) – intelligence – intellect. Because Sun is the soul, power of Sun radiates on Mercury, and according to Scriptures Sanskrit “Bhudhe Daat Buddhi Hi”.

Mercury is the reflection of Sun, where Sun is the lord, Mythologically speaking Mercury is the son of Moon. Moon by cunningness enjoys the wife of Sage Bruhaspatachrya – the resulting product being Mercury (also in Sanskrit called “Taara Chandra Samyoga”) and hence when Mercury is alone, He considered to be a female planet too.

Mercury indicates friend (of both sexes) and in female chart a friend. Mercury is the embodying concept of the Lord Maha Vishnu – where The Lord Maha Vishnu assumes `Mohini’ Roopa (a female form during “Samudra Manthana” (churning of the great ocean) – Mercury is the government planet of Greens – Maternal uncle – younger sister – younger brother – mud walls – Skin – Crops – information – soft – attraction.

Friendly & inimical aspects of planets


Mercury is intellect/intelligence. Sun is the soul power, Venus is wealth, Sun is atma, (The soul), Mercury is intellect and Mercury encircling Sun (Soul) – Sun is alpervading (being Atmakarka) – Sun is the Lord Mercury is Bhoodevi and Venus is Sridevi and hence for Mercury Soul & Venus (wealth and Lakshimikaraka) are friends. Mythologically speaking, Mercury and Venus are wives of Lord Maha Vishnu. Mercury is female (when alone) being the embodying concept of Lord Maha Vishnu (Lord Maha Vishnu assumes female – Mohini Avtar during the Great churning of the Ocean for the destruction of Demons). Mercury is guided by Soul, Sanskrit version – Bhode Dat Buddhi HI.

Mercury as per Bhrigu Nadi System

Every person needs intelligence either for small or big issues and besides power, intelligence is extremely important. Even for eating a fruit, it requires some intelligence. If mind is depressed (Moon), even then intelligence can be made to exercise. Mercury is the only planet which is exalted in his own house. Mercury is the embodiment/entwined concept of Lord Maha Vishnu (The Saviour). So, the Lord, being himself The Saviour of all the universe, need not go to some other house to exhibit his exaltation. That is why in versions of Sanskrit it is said – “Mukhe Vishnuhu”. And whatever is in mind (even in physical aspects) the same appears on the face. Face is the index of mind and also because, the Saviour is all in all.

So, Mercury governs intelligence and intellect and man by intellect and intuition would be able to know as forethought many things of future.

Mercury is exalted in Virgo with Sun. In any sign if there is Mercury with Sun in the same degree (what called in Sanskrit `Astangata’), then power of Mercury reduces to some extent. The native may be intelligent, philosophical, but varies in intelligence and more so the intellect.


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