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Mars & Mercury: Conjunction of Various Planets Ruled by Mercury, Chapter XXXV, Part - 3


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury Opposite Jupiter

If Mercury is opposite Jupiter, the person has no sense of mental proportion. His thinking is too expansive or exaggerated, and his judgement may be distorted. He may give poor advice to others. In his great optimism, he is too certain of his opinions and does not consider all the facts and particulars. He is blinded in his beliefs and stuck in his convictions. He has a rich imagination and fantasy life, and thinks in grandiose terms. He may have his hands in too many projects at the same time. Some individual with the hard Mercury-Jupiter aspects are fuzzy in their communications and amazingly unable to come to the point.

The person is warm, generous and sympathetic. He is good natured and wants everyone to enjoy. He is charming and loves to party and indulge in the senses. Because of his expansive viewpoint, the person does not mind lying. He tells small fibs or white lies constantly, whenever they serve his interest without hurting anyone else. Travel is favored and the person gets great pleasure from experiencing all that life has to offer.

Mercury Conjunct Saturn

If Mercury is conjunct Saturn, the person lives a life of concentrated thought. His mind is slow, but deep. There is great logic and reasoning power. The person is cautious and serious. In the beginning of life his communicative ability is significantly inhibited. He may even have a speech defect, lisp or stutter. As a result, the person is shy and self-conscious, and he works diligently to correct and imperfections he feels he has. He may be a slow learner in school and find himself behind his peers. However, he patiently applies himself and in the end may surpass all others. He is exacting and very careful to avoid mistakes. As he gains in maturity he is likely to become an authority in his field. If the rest of the chart indicates a creative and intellectual life, the person may be profoundly perceptive.

The person is practical and down-to-earth. He is not easily fooled. He is adept in math and science and enjoys facts and figures. He is objective, rational and detached in his thinking. He is methodical and systematic, disciplined and responsible. Because Mercury rules the nervous system, and is so harmed by Saturn, the person may have nervous problems or suffer the most intense lack of confidence. He may be fearful and have tremendous difficulty improving or overcoming psychological complexes. Health-wise, he must take care of his lungs, intestines and nervous system.

Mercury Opposite Saturn

If Mercury is opposite Saturn, the nervous system is under continual pressure and the confidence is adversely affected. There may be a deep-rooted inferiority complex or a sober and solemn personality. Early childhood may have brought difficulties which conditioned the person to expect things to turn out badly during his entire life. There is a great fear of failure and criticism, and the person may find it impossible to take risks. On the positive side, if the rest of the birth chart is powerful and indicates ambition, the person may be very disciplined and well organized. He may be capable of excellent logic, and precision in his work.

Because Mercury is the natural ruler of the third house, there will be problems or discord with siblings or relatives. Some individuals with hard Mercury-Saturn aspects are slow in thought and have trouble learning. In nearly all cases, there is a danger of narrow-mindedness and an unwillingness or inability to open up to the support of others. The person is extremely sensitive and vulnerable, and finds it hard to acknowledge his limitations and deal with them in a constructive way. He is strict and rigid in his thinking, and unconsciously pessimistic about change and transformation, especially in psychological or emotional areas. He would do well to culture a sense of experimentation, without attachment to the outcome. If he is not careful he may become a living example of denial. The person is cautious and introspective. He needs to cultivate humor, fund and excitement.


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