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Mars & Mercury: Conjunction of Various Planets Ruled by Mercury, Chapter XXXV, Part - 4


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Mercury Conjunct Uranus

If Mercury is conjunct Uranus, the person lives a life of independent thinking. He is original, inventive, and highly alert. The mind works at lightning speed and there are continual flashes of intuition. The person may be brilliant or a genius. He will be talented in Astrology or any occult art. He may be drawn to math or science. The person may be high-strung and easily excitable. He has difficulty appreciating rules, regulations and the sluggish pace of ordinary life. He is great annoyed by slow thinkers. The person lives a life of incessant activity, and his body will eventually pay the price unless he learns intelligent restraint and the important of taking care of himself. His mind may exceed his capabilities. The person is experimental and entirely unafraid of new endeavors. He may be inspired, shrewd, and insightful. He is also potentially stubborn, self-willed. And infatuated with his own mind. He occasionally may seem fanatical. There is a need for patience, discipline, tolerance and humility. The mind is dynamic, positive, and outgoing.

Mercury Opposite Uranus

If Mercury is opposite Uranus, the person is a revolutionary thinker. He is eccentric, perceptive, and extraordinarily experimental. He loves to arouse, incite, and shock those around him. He always wants to try the new and fascinating. The person does not enjoy rules, regulations, traditions, and convention. And he is a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Most certainly, he will not be told what to do or think. The mind works too fast and the person is as mentally impatient as they come. He needs a great deal of stimulation and is easily bored. He may often speak without due forethought and thereby offend others. However, his spontaneity is essential to his creativity and inventiveness.

The person is intuitive and lives by instinct. He is impulsive and unpredictable. He is too restless and may suffer from nervousness and irritability. Above all, he must take responsibility for his independent nature, and stop defending himself-a tendency he may have developed during rebellious childhood years. There is, most likely, great intelligence or genius. But the person may be only too aware of the fact. He may fancy himself a gift to the world and make a pest of himself to others. The person is inspirational and exciting. He is honest and direct. However, he may also be outspoken, blunt and tactless. He learn things fast but may be too quick in his judgements.

Mercury Conjunct Neptune

If Mercury is conjunct Neptune, the person is the most imaginative of all people. His reality is entirely conceptual and he lives in his visions and inspirations. He is a dreamer in both the best and worst sense. There are no boundaries to his mind and he is comfortable with the mystical side of life. He is intuitive in a profound way and gets his information from sources that are hidden even from his own understanding. The person is sensitive, delicate and especially artistic. The person suffers in his personal life because of an inability to distinguish objective reality from wishful thinking. He is powerfully idealistic about his ideas and concepts, and clings to them in the face of any opposition.


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