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Mars & Mercury: Conjunction of Various Planets Ruled by Mercury, Chapter XXXV, Part - 5


Dr. Shanker Adawal

The person may absolutely, even if quietly, disregard the wishes of others in order to follow the dictates of his own mind. He may lie and regularly fail to keep his word: however, there is no malicious, or even purposeful, intent in such actions. The person simply has difficulty associating form and structure with the though process. He forgets his promises and commitments because he lives in a world of mental unboundedness and there is little connecting thread from moment to moment. The person is refined and cultured. His thinking is sublime and transcendental, and his consciousness moves unfettered through different realms of existence. He loves meditation or any discipline which makes use of his limitless perception. Astrology, occult subjects and spiritual endeavors may all be vital features of the person’s life.

Mercury Opposite Neptune

If Mercury is square or opposite Neptune, the person is mentally unfocused. His thinking is clouded by his feelings, and he is often confused, scattered or diffusive. He lives by psychic impression, not rational thought. He does not create enough mental boundaries for himself and is therefore an easy target of deception. He loves gossip and other emotionally stimulating diversions. He is concerned with sensations and abstractions rather than details, facts and figures. There is a rich and vivid imagination, and the person may live a fantasy or dreamlike existence. There is a need for practically and realistic vision. The person lacks confidence in a major way and may be powerfully self-deluded. He may ignore, or totally deny, troublesome aspects of his existence which he is afraid to confront. He may flagrantly lie to himself as well as others, though not purposefully or out of harmful intent. Decision making may be a complex source of struggle. The person is metaphysically oriented and open to the occult. He believes in astrology, the psychic world and all phenomenon of a non-physical reality. Art, music, poetry and other sensual or cultural pursuits are highly favored. The nervous system is delicate and the person must avoid overwork and stressful situations. He may be prone to such illnesses as epilepsy, asthma etc.

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

If Mercury is conjunct Pluto, the person lives a life of probing and observing. He is as a detective; he is curious, discriminating, and determined. Nothing escapes his eye. He is the best analyst and psychologist, and often makes accurate judgments which come for more quickly than they should. The person loves knowledge, and is compulsive in his desire to know and learn; this acquiring knowledge is a major purpose of his life. He has a deep, penetrating mind and wants to get to the core of all matters. He may be particularly relentless when pursuing an issue. There is a spirituality or profound wholeness, to the person’s thinking. The person is capable of profound concentration. He may have easy access to his unconscious mind. It is crucial that the person be extra sensitive to the effects of his mentality and expressions. His thoughts carry enormous psychic power and his words have great impact on people’s lives. He can gain more from affirmations, positive thinking and creative visualization than anyone. He is persuasive and may live to disseminate knowledge. On the negative side, the person should beware of the tendency toward manipulative or overbearing communications.

Mercury Opposite Pluto

If Mercury is opposite Pluto, the person is too intense and subjective in his thinking. The mind is attached to the ego and the emotions, and the person is stubborn and opinionated. There is a possibility of prejudice, bigotry, and deep-rooted arrogance. During childhood the person was manipulated and dominated in his ideas, concepts and personal philosophy. The person is direct and blunt. He chooses his words carefully, and knows exactly how to verbally affect others. He is capable of extreme sarcasm and ridicule. Because the nervous system is adversely affected, there may be restlessness and impatience. Illnesses are caused by stress, strain and overwork. The lungs and intestines are vulnerable and there is susceptibility to asthma, epilepsy and other nervous ailments. The mind is analytical and penetrating. The person is acutely aware of peoples’ flaws and weaknesses. He is quick witted, wonderfully curious and interested in secretive or occult knowledge. He wants to learn everything he can in life and get to the core of all matters. Unfortunately, he may not be open and trusting enough to benefit from the wisdom of his peers and elders.

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