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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 11


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Surya - Diseases on head; Eye diseases; loss of relatives on paternal side.

Chandra – Loss of relatives on maternal side; sufferings to wife and misunderstandings with her; quarrels throughout the bukti; financial losses occurring sometimes even without the knowledge of native.

Kuja – Misunderestandings with distant relatives; sufferings to relatives and loss of relatives.

Budha – Indulging in foolish utterances; loss of quadrupeds and servants; increased borrowings.

Guru – Sufferings to or loss of preceptor and children; Bodily troubles; mental unrest and financial losses.

Sukra – Company of wife and children and happiness; gain of conveyance and knowledge; auspicious functions and birth of son/daughter.

Sani – Mental unrest; bodily troubles; loss of quadrupeds and servants; bodily troubles to wife.

(c) bukti natha Rahu is in Kendra, Trikona, 3 or 11th or 6th from Maha Dasa Natha, BUDHA, or conjunct benefic:-

APOORVA PRIYA DARSANAM (Seeing something or person highly desired and not previously seen); happiness with wife and children; company of friends; success in all directions.

(d) If bukti natha RAHU is in 8th or 12th from Maha Dasa Natha or conjunct malefic:

Bodily troubles; mentally a confused state of affairs; Company of women other than wife; loss of reputation; quarrels with widows; untimely meals, failures.

(e) If bukti natha RAHU is in 2nd or 7th from Lagna:

Fear of death. The shanty for warding off this Dosh Phala is RUDRA SHASHAKA and CHHAGA DAN, after which the native will enjoy prosperity.

Guru Bukti = 27 months & 6 days

(a) The following are the effects of GURU BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to various Yogas:

(i) If bukti natha GURU is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna or in exaltation:-

ISHTA VASTHU SAMPRAAPTI (gain of desired things); ATMA BANDHU DARSHANAM (meeting blood relation). Increased gain of money and cereals; favours from king; Charitable inclinations including erection of public charities like gardens and resting places; charities like erection of temples and sacrificial rites; increase in powers wielded by native and birth of son; prosperity to wife; gold ornaments like gold buttons, rings etc. for the native; gain of precious stones, success in encounters; gain of conveyances and initiation in MANTRAS.

(ii) If bukti natha GURU who is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna is conjunct Budha:-

Acquiring furniture, conveyances and other articles which go to increase the native’s comforts.

(iii) If bukti natha GURU who is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna is conjunct KUJA or KETU:

Quarrels and misunderstandings with a number of people.

(iv) If bukti natha Guru is in Dushsthana from Lagna or in debilitation or conjunct Rahu:-

Quarrels and loss of relatives; fear from thieves and king; sufferings to father and mother; fever; diseases like ulcer/wounds; suffering losses in the matter of landed property and cattle holdings.

(b) The following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above, if bukti natha GURU is conjunct or aspected by:-

Surya – Gain of money through agriculture; gain of profession; respect from king.

Chandra – auspicious functions; gain of clothing; happiness of mind; prosperity to maternal relations.

Kuja – Victory in encounters; respect from king; special favours on Tuesdays; gain of land.

Budha – gain of clothing and ornaments; company of learned people and academical functions and entertainments.

Sukra – enjoyments with opposite sex; peace of mind; reputation to master; gain of ornaments and dress.

Sani – disorders in throat; loss of servants; impediments in performing prayer and worship.

(c) If bukti natha Guru is in Kendra, Trikona, 3 or 11th from Maha Dasa Natha or conjunct benefic:-

Gain of money; well being of wife; getting oneself established in profession; prosperity to master or employer; meeting king/important people on Thursdays; knowledge of philosophy or shastras.


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