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Mars & Mercury: Budha (Mercury) Maha Dasa Phala, Chapter XXVII, Part - 10


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Budha – Company of relatives; business gains; success in undertakings.

Guru – Sufferings to children and financial losses; forgetfulness; developing irreligious habits; incurring displeasure of preceptor.

Sukra – Abortion to wife; diseases emanating through blood disorders to wife.

Sani – Quarrels with menial loss of cattle and servants; impediments to performance of religious rites.

(c) If bukti natha KUJA is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Maha Dasa Natha or in exaltation or conjunct benefic:-

Presents from king; gain of conveyance and precious stones; auspicious functions at home and acquisitions of wealth and cereals; business in own name; reputation; gain of silk clothes and apparel, scents and cosmetics; bath in sacred rivers; prosperity to one’s own master and success in undertakings.

(d) If bukti natha KUJA is in Dushsthana from Maha Dasa Natha or in debilitation or conjunct malefic:

Financial losses; quarrels with relatives and troubles from fire and poison; bodily troubles; ill health to wife and children; sufferings to beloved relatives; bitterness with equals and distant relatives.

(e) If bukti natha KUJA is in 2nd or 7th from Lagna or lord of these two Bhavas and/or conjunct lord of said Bhavas:

Fear of death. The shanty for warding off this Dosh Phala is either (i) MRITYUNJAYA JAPA and SKANDA POOJA or (ii) SIVA SAHASRAKA and GO DAN and BHOO DAN and HIRANYA DAN.

Rahu Bukti = 30 months & 18 days

(a) The following are the effects of RAHU BUKTI in BUDHA MAHA DASA with reference to the various Yogas:

(i) If bukti natha, RAHU, is in Kendra, trikona, 3 or 11th from Lagna, in exaltation, exalted Navamsa, in Cancer, Virgo, Leo or Taurus, or conjunct or aspected by a benefic:-

Contacts with king/high officials; meeting a new official or master; gain of quadrupeds; pilgrimages; good health; great happiness; prosperity to the master of the native; acquisition of dress and ornaments; success in desired directions.

(ii) If bukti natha Rahu is in Dushsthana from Lagna or in debilitation, debilitated Navamsa, conjunct or aspected by malefic:

Fear from fire, poison and thieves; misunderstandings with wife; diseases and fear of death.

(iii) If bukti natha RAHU is in Dushsthana and at the same time in Cancer, Leo or Aquarius:-

Quarrels in connection with the status of the native; fear from enemies and king; defeats in encounters.

(b) The following are the SPECIAL EFFECTS, in addition to those mentioned above, if bukti natha Rahu is conjunct or aspected by:-


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