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Mars & Mercury: Ascendant - Analysis, Chapter XXIV, Part - 2


Dr. Shanker Adawal

Similarly, the evil of lordship is minimized by a conjunction or opposition of Jupiter and the Moon. For instance for Libra, if Jupiter lord of 3rd and 6th, alone in 9th or 10th, works harm and havoc; but the said Jupiter with the Moon is found to give affluence and prosperity. Similarly, while the Moon lord of the 6th for Aquarius, in the 4th in Taurus is bad and baneful if alone, is found to give fair prosperity though not very high prosperity, if and when with Jupiter, the Karaka for wealth and wealth-giving lord of 2nd and 11th.

With the above preamble and prefatory remarks, I shall, now, discuss Sri Parasara’s classification, Lagna-wise.

Aries – Ascendant

For Aries, he says, Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefic; and, the Sun and Jupiter are benefics. The combination of 9th and 10th lords, Jupiter and Saturn, does not cause Rajayoga; in fact, Saturn (an enemy of Mars, lord of the ascendant and the baneful lord of 11th for a cardinal sign) taints Jupiter by conjunction or aspect and mars the Rajayoga, rendering Jupiter a Papi (malefic). Venus lord of 2nd 7th may kill or inflict intense misery, unless she is in the 9th or 11th especially 9th; but Mercury and Saturn are worse Marakas.

In this, there is no mention of the Moon or of Mars, as benefic or malefic. The Moon lord of 4th and a friend of Mars must be regarded as a benefic, especially if full or if she is in own house (Cancer) or in exaltation in 2nd in Taurus. Mars is predominantly the lord of the ascendant, as Aries is his Mooltrikona and not Scorpio the 8th. Actually, Mars is benefic, if in Lagna in Aries, or in Scorpio (8th); in the 7th from Moon or in the 10th in exaltation or in 8th or 9th with Jupiter or in the 4th with Jupiter, especially with or in opposition to the Moon. See Bhavarth Ratnakar:

Meshe jatasya bhoumastu gurunacha samanvitaha!

Chaturthastho yadi bhavedyogato bhavati dhruvam!!

Otherwise, despite the dictum that the lord of the 8th though very evil, becomes a giver of good, if also lord of ascendant, the mischief of the 8th lordship does come in to play havoc. Jupiter and Saturn are Dharmakarmadhipathis and do cause Rajayoga if, say, they combine in the 9th in Sagittarius or if Jupiter in the 9th aspects Saturn in 3rd or if strong Jupiter powerfully aspects Saturn, unilaterally – for example Saturn in Pisces aspected by exalted Jupiter. Jupiter though lord of 12th is mainly the lord of 9th. He should be strong rather than weak. For the 9th lordship predominates and when a natural benefic owns 12th and is strong, there is affluence though the native, in the language of Samuel Johnson may only “live rich” and may not “die rich”!

For Aries ascendant generally makes the native poor even in cases of fair prosperity because of liberal and lordly spending and meager savings, as Jupiter lord of 9th is also the lord of 12th and hence does not conduce to conservation of wealth by any savings, unless Jupiter is with or in opposition to the full Moon in which case Gajakesari Yoga and Rajayoga due to the 4th and 9th lords override the evil of Jupiter’s 12th lordship.

Natives born in Aries-ascendant generally prosper in the Dasas of the Sun lord of 5th, the Moon lord of 4th, Jupiter lord of 9th and Saturn lord of 10th and 11th. The Dasas of Venus and Mercury are very seldom good for Aries-born, unless Venus and Mercury are in Adhiyoga configuration, or unless Mercury, for example, is in debility in the 12th or Venus is in trine, especially 9th.


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